Contribute 】 【 readers is the foundation of cloud services trust Google close reader is foolish behaviour


the author: the crow

about Google shut down Google reader I’m very disappointed. In the latest week has seen a lot of comments, have said what RSS dieth, defend for Google. It’s a lot of people say it’s all business, Google shut down unprofitable service what’s wrong with? I can only say that this kind of person is too utilitarian, they does not see the future what is the cornerstone of the Internet, that is trust.

cloud services is the prospect of the Internet industry. Everything in the cloud, which is Google has been advocated. It even come up with almost no local application chrome OS system, and carrying the system this .

so, could you tell me: what is the foundation of cloud services?

is the server? Is a brand? Ease of use is it? These are important, but the most important thing is: trust. And reliable.

users already accustomed to put the data in the local, in your hard drive. It is always the most To see a good film and music first reaction is downloaded. You let them change user habits, this time on the cloud server. The face of the first questions is a core problem: the most reliable? Will be lost?

the establishment of a trust is a long-term process, the company Google is trusted by many people. This is the best of Google to carry out the cloud service resources. Trust broken very easily, however, Google is stupid to do it.

it’s closed Google reader . Overnight is completely different. User creates a sense of crisis, the original I on Google there is not so reliable, which don’t ask, don’t ask a day my views unilaterally decided to close down products, forcing users around the data.

it’s hard to trust, to so easily lost. Get back is a long process.

Twitter the loss of user data cloud service called? The answer is: wonton.

well, when Google reader into a wonton, cloud became a joke. And Google is the leading role of the joke.