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this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

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upside down the day before yesterday said a phone (please read the “further), since the media today about new media, I said is wrong, don’t believe it.

from pan ye that morning, the tiger sniff the net yesterday early this morning, has been in a state of being attacked. He said: there is suspicion, but no concrete evidence . Brother to be sure, the smell is slowly in an array of nothing.

wikipedia definition nothing of array : there is a clearly surrounded by hostile forces, but couldn’t find the enemy, is, of course, can’t tell friends and foes, also not form a clear front; Ready to meet all kinds of , and intangible ‘- this is nothing of array .

DoNews , a 12 years ago on new media, against elite centered traditional Internet portal. A few days ago because of community recruitment in weibo encounter zhi-an zhang teacher (sina to certification is: sun yat-sen university associate professor, deputy dean, school of communication and design, the whole media institute of the secretary-general), ZhiAn teacher said he is DoNews at the time of active users, and then I found , was speechless, because in addition to UI very ugly ugly and layout, and now you cry very joyous new media.

bullog, a new left comments have been base, against utopia that help a bird man. Mr Luo hammer technology on their own charm brought together a large number of knowledge-based author: han han, lian yue, ran yunfei, chai jing, liang zhou, tujia wild, also don’t know which root on the red line, eventually became the relevant departments of the sword of him. Then someone called consensus net continue its legacy, finally escaped as easily as bullog was drawn wire risk, but there is only one reason: after back it below a body called the phoenix network can rely on at any time.

there is a call consists of tribes, in my impression, this station is not been less customs cover, this is also a chicken from cheap to set up a swoop to unknown web site there are more and more of the same type the same fate.

the above are all new media, is the domestic first to delegate to the user, to give the user more permissions website operation, and with its array of disc distributed to the hands and feet to the different expression and land.

which is associated with a temporary prosperity and shape victory! , tiger sniff network so, ti media so, bullog so, account tribes so, hunting cloud network will also be so in the future, so the future will have too much media

each points but a completely different, even contrary user interests bind together media, glory is a burden, damage of the mine, hard skeleton to be used in speaking to, this is nothing of array .

I think this is also the new media operation of common trouble, when a media become all the guns and positions, but does not have its own guns and positions. You who dare to say, your client, I’m sorry you can’t get advertising (relevant article read keso 5 a year ago ““), will you hatred, you is a sin to customers; You who all dare not say, I’m sorry the user that you give the Internet freaking boring garbage and moisture, you’re more a sin for users.

get themselves into pig eight quit, finally take the mirror again how, is not human beings, are a group of people drive behind the ass ‘criticisms.

so, now we hear of the so-called new media, new connotation is not, but form. Or the original base from the site moved to APP and moved to the original content from blog WeChat, also is still need to consider the user experience, or pull it from the manufacturer there advertising (ten thousand?) even if one day, or still need racking their brains how can calculated from the user violation of more private space and then abruptly create concepts, to see a lot of logrolling, plump up each other, each other without speaking.

the small vest is changeless, inside the condom outside change much more frequently, still can not change the Stan normal guy you are a donkey. Your essence, it’s still a changed ma3 jia3.

can do hurry curved bow, slowly ease and must be. But you are always the line without fixed end, say no to, were closed, had been summoned, being disorderly boxing mutually, was giving a little advertising to mouth, and new media, and eventually took off needle knitting a tuo:

can fool others, deceiving yourself too hard.

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