Comprehensive fake micro letter new mobile QQ on the counter attack

in 7 2013 global mobile Internet conference, ma expounds the relation between the micro letters and phone QQ, he said the mobile phone QQ and micro letter is not substitute each other, but self-renewal and differentiation. In 8, update the android version of QQ, but we see mobile phone QQ has been completely fake their brothers micro letter. From design concept to the UI, “reference” micro letter as a whole. To ask the application of the domestic like micro letter, so when the mobile phone QQ now.

fake comprehensive and highly fun

the redesign of the mobile phone QQ mainly has five aspects. 1. Emphasis on real-time online 2. The concept of enhanced group 3. Binding address book 4. Mobile phone computer each file 5. Qr code. The characteristics of these features are as WeChat was known to the user. Reference in addition to the function, in the new mobile phone QQ also comprehensively to micro letter on the UI.

in this update, the mobile phone QQ no longer support direct view your online status. Through the address book to see the avatars are all lit, view the online state needs to call the secondary menu.

QQ diluting the concept of online, mobile phone QQ also does not provide direct exit function, service will be staying in the background. This is the embodiment of the concept of mobile phone users in real time online, at the same time, the latest edition of the light to chat in the computer version of the QQ client canceled for mobile terminal online display.

many change allows users to discomfort, there are a lot of fun. Facing the question, there are close to the development team, according to the user the message from the QQ group of this project is the upper clappers, no doubt. Seems to face the tough decisions, the user can do only to choose.

phone QQ redemption

no explode in wireless mobile phone QQ, and let slants in guangzhou was upstaged his brother WeChat. Mr Ma, in the past, mobile phone QQ action is slow, the biggest problem is the organizational structure, QQ, mobile phone QQ, QQ space in three different divisions, do one thing it is difficult to integrate several products. Tencent did the organization structure adjustment, to solve the above problems. “Can’t blame products do not good, but not straightens organization.”

this product updates should be adjusted to mobile QQ tencent structure redemption. Smartphone era is the user can keep the characteristics of time online, mobile phone login QQ online to chat the way has obviously can not well adapt to the development of the current mobile Internet. The introduction of the qr code and the address book is also fully embrace mobile phone QQ.

this should be updated mobile phone QQ software and hardware, mobile and PC products depth fusion, make the whole unification of QQ software more harmonious.

at this point, QQ is the true and the adaptation of the mobile Internet good product.

starts the topic of internal friction and the left and right and right

phone QQ getting the product right. After all, mobile phone QQ account active near WeChat twice. Tencent impossible to WeChat give up in the hands of another piece of cake. From the product updates, however, we haven’t seen differentiation development, ma said more homogeneous.

as sina weibo user said the little purple the “mobile phone QQ is originally army, was upstaged by local warlords WeChat, counter attack sooner or later get back what belongs to own”.

phone QQ counter attack has just begun, coordinated development also can exactly as ma said slowly. Commercial eve, in addition to the external competition, WeChat also cannot ignore pressure from mobile phone QQ.