Competition Vine with new function to respond to them

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge, Twitter today to upgrade on The functions of The Android version of The Vine.

the Vine this update, in addition to launch the iOS only version of the original revining (similar to retweet forwarding functions), channels, the classification of different channel), and a more powerful camera interface, the Android users will also enjoy a “exclusive” function – a video grab widgets can be placed on the desktop (widgets). The small green logo, can let a Vine users more quickly and easily capture the moment of life. The new camera in the Vine will with more complete grab, focusing tools. In addition, the Vine will also launch mute function, by clicking on the mute button, the user can enjoy a variety of short video in silent condition.

at present, the upgrade of the Vine can already be downloaded. Echocardiography action, short video enthusiasts, go and try it!