Compete with Google driverless cars, 1.5 billion valuation of Mobileye equity sale of $400 million

in a world of autonomous driving and automatic driving, Google to get the most attention, but it is not the only player on this game. Has a joint venture of Israel and the Netherlands advanced driver assistance technology manufacturers claim that their autonomous driving car “will be able to hit the road” in 2016. Compared to Google cars rely on a series of radar, cameras, sensors, and laser range finder to realize automatic driving, Mobileye hope to a more acceptable price to provide automated driving function. Such as they are the mainstream of the camera, only need to spend hundreds of dollars.

however, when the vehicles use like the audi A7 Mobileye system, does not like Google cars so “autopilot”, but they can do is to help the company’s technology far earlier than in 2025 (the date of the industry experts expect) driverless cars on the road before becoming mainstream. Based on the camera “traffic auxiliary” technology is expected to launch in the summer, thanks to their cooperation with five major automobile manufacturers, arguably, artificial intelligence automobile company is also seeking advantage points, although they was also a very high market share.

Mobileye to 5 “independent” in announced financial investors to sell $400 million of the company, including some of the so-called America’s biggest global asset management company and a Chinese state-owned financial investors. The examined and company valuation by Goldman sachs and Morgan Stanley $1.5 billion (investment) before the deal is expected to be completed in August.

the company will to some extent the financing due to the current regulatory support and progress of global safety standards, helped promote the carmaker to accelerate the integration of intelligent driver assistance.

Mobileye was founded in the 1990 s, like Google, it is not a car manufacturers, and more interested in becoming a artificial intelligence company, specifically, is to raise the camera intelligent to assist the autopilot. Company has done technical performance in the multiple testing, but the main focus on to help the driver avoid collision.

according to the New York times reported that their technology to detect the driver had been Volvo company blind area if there is a pedestrian or vehicle, warned the driver when close to the target.

Mobileye this summer will launch a new version of the system is designed to help start the brake control cars, but the driver still need to hold the steering wheel. The future will also introduce the new system is expected to liberation of the driver’s hands.

the company plans to start the experiment on-board camera in order to improve its effectiveness and promote research and development in autonomous driving situations similar to Google’s hands free automatic intelligent driving technology.