Company will be closed OMGPOP: don’t want to sell to the founder

Beijing time morning news on August 8, according to the technology blog BusinessInsider reports, according to people familiar with the game developers OMGPOP founder Charles? Foreman (Charles Forman) and several other former executives want to buy back to the company shut down, but the company did not respond.

previously had similar incidents from happening. In March 2008, the founder of the social networking site Bebo Michael? Wave odd (Michael Birch) had a price of $850 million to sell the company AOL. In July, closed on Bebo, wave, for $1 million to buy back the social networking site. Foreman, however, no wave, so lucky.

, according to people familiar with the foreman and OMGPOP CTO before Jason? Perlman (Jason Pearlman) and so on a number of former executives hope that the company can sell the company’s web site to to them, rather than close the site.

before the foreman and OMGPOP executives said that if the company is unwilling to back to give them free, they are willing to offer about $500000 to buy back the site. Foreman and others also promised, after get the, they will continue to maintain the site, and renamed the site, to avoid the confused with the company.

at present, has nearly 200 Wan Yue independent access to users, about 20 games, or can reach millions of dollars in annual sales, enough to support the daily maintenance of the website. According to the flow calculation, the site game traffic will reach tens of millions of times a month.

although the foreman and others with company has made several attempts to discuss the matter, but the company hasn’t reply. After that, the company announced it would shut down the end of September. People familiar with the matter said: “they were disappointed (foreman, etc) to this message.”

so far, the company has yet to comment on the news. (Chen Ran)