Community service O2O gold? It’s not that simple!


community service is an Internet “to carry out the” from virtual and a significant progress, once again let the Internet has changed the lives of citizens. The electricity derived from the Internet has changed the citizen’s consumption habits, promoted the change of retailing, derived O2O and the change of the leading services, and community service O2O is based on electricity, O2O upgrade, to further expand the role of the Internet in the civic life.

community service O2O, already has a huge number of participants in actively explore the market, the author has written two article about community service O2O, “O2O neglected community service” and “community service O2O: a simmering commercial revolution”, is it the second article about this market carried out a comprehensive exploratory summary, feedback effect is very ideal, received wide recognition of the industry.

in had in-depth discussions with a number of a gleam of participants, the conclusion is: community service O2O gold? It’s not that simple! Community service O2O participants can be roughly divided into “grassroots entrepreneurs”, “capital of entrepreneurs”, “site explorer”, “property explorer”, “the property transformation”. Overall speaking, are all very bullish on the market, but true to practice their difficulties, start different, direction, target, problems also are different.

grassroots entrepreneurs: the Internet started thinking “castles in the air”

in the absence of capital resource, property, business resources, technical strength is general, so the industry commonly grassroots entrepreneurs can choose the form of the Internet, or to establish a website or APP development, direction for electricity, there are social, the situation is to set the table, but no one came.

do community service, property is not around the past, should because the property itself is community service provider, they completely got the control right of community service. Grassroots entrepreneurship no resources, no ability to negotiate with the property, even if the again good depicts the prospects of the industry, property will not understand, even understand, no real earnings material property is basically not interested, this is reality, property will not provide free services.

mostly go Internet grassroots entrepreneurs, but cannot fall to the ground can be a castle in the air, not to mention O2O. In fact, the property is not absolutely not open around, still have to look have a clever way to prompt property active cooperation, this is about to test whether entrepreneurs can meet the residents living in the community, but there are still short of the degree.

capital entrepreneur: burn money, enclosure, financing and money circulation advance

capital entrepreneur has certain capital refers to the relationship between the local tyrants of entrepreneurs, the biggest characteristic is rich, the rich can temporarily ignore the reliability model, the rich have power and talk about cooperation property, with the foundation of their money. So their entrepreneurial route is simple, violence burn enclosure, burn out of a certain size, can tell a better story for a new round of financing. They and the biggest difference between the grassroots is less to worry about money.

of course, the local tyrants just play will not burn the money of the capital market, their wider view, look at the broader market vision. However, in the early development in you all could not see how the market can also obtain investment, burn a two rounds of money, but when the market is more and more mature, could burn burn and stable model of development, will become a foundling capital markets.

there are local tyrants, for example, dare to think of each user to the community to send a pad, complete the layout of the community O2O, feeling.

site explorer: poly people bad, be born one struggling

community service is not actually a recent project, has many years ago, but the market has been immature, until O2O outbreak over the past two years, community service O2O was further highlighted. The history of the development of the community service in the previous round, the website BBS, apart from some known as local BBS, also has a lot of the existence of community BBS, but these website BBS hovers on the edge of the Internet, failed to become the mainstream of the industry.

after see O2O momentum, local BBS have already to O2O, BBS community is in a positive way of looking for the development of O2O. Just, community BBS itself without too much sentiment, while spreading is very big, a community BBS site covers a province or a city, all communities, but can’t get people on the lack of content, also failed to gather business, finally only by maintaining the relevant supporting policies of the government.

property explorer: actually do not understand the Internet industry

in addition to entrepreneurs and community sites, the property itself is also active in the field of the explorer. Especially the property of the existing property FeiYing charge pattern is unitary, income is very limited, so, many property companies are actively developing value-added services, especially to catch the wave of O2O, began to try to lift the O2O banner. However, due to the lack of Internet gene is also don’t understand the electricity business management, let alone services for the development of the local life, the vast majority of property company also made fur only, no further into the essence of O2O.

it is typical to do an online website, and then opened a grocery store within the community, and then start O2O claims to community service. Actual situation is no traffic, online website, there is no people visit offline grocery store, but can get government support funds, can show sustained.

property transformation: real estate tide actively looking for new areas

in addition to the property company, more participants is the real estate group, known to actually enter the market such as vanke, longhu real estate giants, there are many other real estate giant also very bullish on the market, but there is no point, still in the phase of money to the sidelines.

the golden age of real estate has been in the past, the government is very positive, house prices rose speed is slowing down, and the existing real estate plates have been very big, it is time to on the basis of exploring the new way and stable income. In fact, most of the real estate group has its own subordinate property company, they are through the property provide value-added services to affiliated housing residents, and the more upscale community, value-added services revenue is more ideal. When communicating with longhu high-level understands, longhu value-added service has won the good earnings last year, this year is planning how to implement the O2O. In addition, vanke community before the value-added services also has a media reported.


community service O2O there are a lot of things, so to speak, a one-time also said not over, the author just throw brick, to develop the industry also needs to have more different roles involved. From the Internet, mobile Internet, social, business, O2O multiple niche business lines, such as community service O2O is a intersection point, now the time is ripe, it just broke out next. The author is focus on the research of this field, the next will continue to share, let everybody can from different angles and different aspects and links to understand the market.

article/Wang Liyang

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