CNNIC report: PC, mobile search baidu share over eighty percent ranked first

on August 20, hunting cloud network news, the China Internet network information center (CNNIC) today issued the search engine market research report, the report shows that in PC and mobile phone side, baidu respectively by 85.7% and 89.1% of Internet users preferred shares in the first place, well ahead of the second chaser.


it is reported that this year, baidu and the state food and drug administration, Beijing health bureau, the bank of China association, the organization code center authority, the authority, the high quality resources, continuously introducing search results, greatly increasing Internet users search experience. Analysis, points out that optimizing the user search experience, is a major cause of baidu to consolidate traditional dominance.

new changes based on mobile Internet users demand, baidu also continuously increased in recent years on mobile search technology and product innovation, to provide users with more to keep up with the new era of mobile search service. This year, baidu mobile search introduced aging search, aggregation, WebApp box computing, applications in search, voice assistant and scene search, and other functions, to meet the demand of the user’s search anytime and anywhere, and vigorously promote the timeliness, practicality and accuracy of the mobile search.

it is understood that the next generation of search engine, baidu is gearing up layout by integration, using big data resources, relying on advanced deep learning, semantic analysis, data mining technology, such as building more intelligent search services, to meet the new needs of Internet users to the greatest extent. Sources say 2013 baidu world conference on the 22nd of this month, baidu will be available to the next generation of search technology or release.