CNN: apple into indoor navigation intensified market competition with Google

guide language: the CNN web site today, apple’s acquisition of indoor navigation service provider WiFiSlam marks the company will advance the indoor navigation market, to compete more directly with Google.

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since the GPS navigator and built-in GPS chip phones became popular, people don’t have to because I don’t know how to get from A to B and distress.

however, the latest trends in the field of mobile technology is no longer limited to outdoor navigation, but began to help users find the specified store in shopping center, when users away with target issued a circular, or when he has friends around in automatic reminders.

this is not only to attract a lot of startups, traditional technology giant also. Apple has just bought a company called WiFiSlam, the established two years ago, silicon valley startups key business is indoor navigation. It is reported that the transaction price of about $20 million.

it does have a certain meaning, the company last year, after all, has been trying to compete against Google in the field of map, the latest version of the Google map also includes indoor navigation. Google said the company has been in the 13 countries made maps of more than 10000 building indoor.

when the competition between Google and apple rise, other companies are also beginning to explore in this field. Companies such as SONY, samsung, nokia has formed last fall “Location In the city Alliance” (In – the Location Alliance), to jointly develop indoor map business.

until WiFiSlam selling system to separate application developers, they can be the traditional GPS navigation data and accelerometer and compass smartphone tools such as integration, so as to obtain more accurate location information. At the same time, a lot of fitness applications can also use the same tools track users step, forward speed, such as walking distance positioning data.

WiFiSlam boasts its indoor positioning precision of the data within 8 feet (2.4 meters), but the GPS precision designed for outdoor activities within about 30 feet (9 meters).

“this accuracy can change the way you interact with the indoor environment of.” WiFiSlam co-founder Anand terry and o (Anand Atreya) in 2011 to accept the MIT Technology Review interview MIT Technology Review, “just think: when you walk into a supermarket, before we can provide you with relevant information of the product.”

of course, depending on the application of design thinking, also can achieve the opposite effect. Theoretically, indoor navigation can help department store to understand the user’s position, then turn in front of their promotional specials.

like Google maps, WiFiSlam and other indoor navigation products also need some preparation work. Map building must be dedicated to hire people, to get accurate data. From this point, no matter what kind of mapping tools, apple will be released first to big cities, and then gradually spread. And shopping malls, hospitals, department stores, conference center can use indoor navigation service to develop their own application.

however, the fact is designed to track every move products will encounter privacy issues. Google, apple, Facebook is a listed company, their purpose is not “learn from lei feng”, but to make money.

a market research company Euromonitor International (Euromonitor International) director of consumer electronics Loo Wee Teck said, users should not expect can free to use these products, and fully ensure privacy. “User must have their own judgment when using, the enterprise should also adhere to the bottom line, not irritate users.” He said.


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