Cloud hosting service exposure in the United States: “to open up a second job?

was dominated by the market and the marketing of the group-buying Meituan nets, seems to have the “second venture” in led technology, to provide cloud hosting services, the official name is “Meituan open service”.

this was suddenly exposed services, there is no doubt to have held first Meituan network group-buying industry in the future more imagination. But anyone curious, why think of Mr Wang doing cloud hosting services?

now from the official information, it seems, and open service may be the group hopes to use surplus computing power to a small attempt. And the purpose of the launch and open services like amazon, but the future development trend are the same as yet unknown.

cloud hosting services low-key online

today, Meituan open service () domain was exposed, it has attracted widely attention.

after log in the website can be found that the mass of open service is given priority to with cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting services refers to the service provider to provide operation site for CPU, memory, disk, and bandwidth resources, such as web site after bought these resources, can be in the service provider’s server running on your own website.

in Meituan open service web site, users can Meituan network account login. Website currently offers five types of package, price from 69 yuan a month to 1099 yuan/month. Meituan cloud hosting services flagship high cost performance characteristics.

“+ 50 g/nuclear CPU + 1 gb of memory disk + 2 m bandwidth” package, for example, the mass of open service price is 129 yuan/month, and ali cloud is RMB 143/month.

it is understood that the current major vendors for ali cloud cloud hosting services market, sina SAE, huawei cloud and grand cloud computing, etc., some traditional server vendors are also included in this paper. America now offers cloud hosting services and it is still in its infancy compared several. Ali cloud and representatives of the most grand cloud, the two packages are currently provides the flexibility to customize (that is, the user in accordance with its own configuration generated package), and the group currently only option package.

official called use surplus computing power to

now the world’s largest providers of cloud Services, Amazon had to use up their idle computing resources launched Amazon Web Services (AWS). Meituan net current monthly sales of nearly 1 billion, 340 million daily average turnover of web computing power put forward higher requirements. And it is well known that website trading behavior such as peak trough band, which can produce the idle computing resources. As a result, the group launched the mass of the purpose of the open service also like amazon. However, the trend of the development of both are the same as yet unknown.

for Meituan open services, Meituan network marketing people clarify said, because of the great Meituan the current daily turnover, so in a few months ago has built a computer room. In order to make full use of the computer room to spare capacity, decided to launch a service Meituan open Meituan net. “We do now and there are many disadvantages, so has been very low-key, go toward outside said.” The source said.

however, due to the Meituan founder Wang Xingceng announced in February 2015, the sales target is RMB 100 billion, so a lot of people will be open Meituan service with Mr Wang, connecting to the claim, think Meituan network will make the second main cloud hosting services. To this, the beauty of the above mentioned group network Marketing Department, he says, “network of 100 billion sales target pure refers to group purchase business, and cloud hosting services.

it is known that Meituan net has a profit, but profit is unknown. Earlier this year, Meituan net in vertical class O2O business on some new attempt, for example the ticket query purchase application “cat’s eye”. These people said, the group judgment, domestic market is not saturated, the future America around O2O business attempt to do some vertical niche.