Closed evil: apple will AppGratis kicked out Appstore loved by users

according to AllthingSD reports, loved by the user application AppGratis kicked out of apple Appstore . The reason is that “it violates the Appstore within the application can’t do promotion for other applications or direct marketing rules “.

AppGratis is popular, because it is a very good limit exemption found application. IOS there are a lot of charge on application, occasionally for free download. But users will often miss the free download time window. AppGratis just born for it, it is to discover the current limit exemption application, for users to download.


appstore limited-time free mechanism, the user will inevitably have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of such messages. Apple can be tough to AppGratis out of Appstore , because it is the closed garden dictator. But apple can’t do is: to eliminate the user demand for such services.

as dubcek once said: you can destroy the flowers, but can’t stop the spring. Kick away AppGratis , there is no demand for limit of free information? Users can also escape the installation. Well, apple also hate users escape. Ha ha.