Clearance mobile IM market: “micro” towards the blue ocean of the three principles

in 1995, the rise of the Internet industry has created such as ma the grass roots, the generation of IT people dream. So, more and more people into the IT industry, hope to have skyrocketed. However, the PC era gradually out of style.

statistics show that by the end of July 2013, China’s mobile phone user a total of 1.185 billion, about 800 million mobile Internet users, 3 g subscribers 320 million, up 81% from a year earlier. In terms of terminal, smartphone shipments in China has reached 258 million units in 2012, an increase of 167% over the previous year. All the data show that the time has come for a mobile Internet, mobile Internet is going to be IT gold new heaven, especially in the PC era IM field of a brilliant, but also the focus of teams competing for. In mobile Internet business, mobile IM the most dramatic development, from the first 2010 mobile IM software PATH since the successful launch, many Internet companies, operators try water IM, including micro, micro letter, fly, rice chat, devoted to devoted to developing rapidly, mobile IM services such as created more than 400 million users. But the popular mobile IM fight has been in the red sea, see the blue ocean. The author’s view, “WeChat”, “micro” to rush to the blue ocean, must follow the three principles.

is a left to the king. jack ma had a very classic startup state of mind, “today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful. In this process, a lot of people fall in tomorrow night.” The road of entrepreneurship, is not flat, need is the spirit of perseverance. Strong, such as jobs, also faced is booted out, a comeback from a rival investment dilemma. “Godfather” entrepreneurship ma also had a no. But they insist to come over, so I succeeded. “WeChat”, “micro” to be towards the blue ocean, be sure to be ready to fight for a long time.

2 is the first principle of innovation. everybody says, IT industry have no threshold. Actually otherwise, IT is to rely on technology, rely on innovation, its biggest threshold is innovation. Follow the policy is to save a certain amount of time and effort, but it is difficult to have a resume. Tencent in many areas of product, neither dead nor alive, is a realistic example.

relative to the martial arts “WeChat”, launched version 1.5 of the “micro” efforts in innovation is obvious, “micron radar” and “micro” new functions, such as highlighted with tencent WeChat differentiation. First of all, talk about “microns circle”, this is a full of ambition. It not only dynamic aggregation friends post in the personal space, also aggregate they released publicly in to join the group of dynamic, all comments are publicly visible. In this way, can not only strengthen the acquaintance, the relationship between the and still can help users to develop a new social circle. For the current lazy culture prevails, conformity, strong domestic users, it is better to recommend. Once again, say “micron radar”. In offline acquaintances party time, everyone will say your IM account, went out. In the “micro”, we only need to hold the button of radar with friends, you can find hold down the button with the friend, then click on the picture will be able to add as a friend, simple and convenient. In addition, the “micro” secret language and expressions etc have adjustment, user experience have larger ascension. Of course, this is not enough. As micron CEO Peng Shaobin said, “how to in product research and development of the future, seize the user real pain points, relationship between precipitation down, move friends relationship chain, is the real key.”

of course, includes not only technical innovation, including the same mode innovation. How to find a match the mobile IM profit model, will be mobile IM after divide the users, the biggest innovation need to face problems.

three is “local tyrants” principle. due to the development of the Internet has made a number of enterprises, they are in the capital, capital, management and so on all aspects of a certain basis, therefore, grassroots counter attack to counter attack in the field of mobile Internet, harder than most of the 18 years ago. So, hold the principle of “local tyrants” is an important, on its own strength when gun horse to run, to break the possibility is not high. “Micro letter”, “yi letter” there is a lot, and “micro” also with sina media experience, brand effect, and internal and external resources from the start, highlights the media channels and advantage. For now, “local tyrants” IM of success, to break into the blue ocean more likely to a lot.

mobile IM market now is still in the period of rapid development. However, in the long run, OTT business policy uncertainty, as well as the upper limit of the total mobile Internet users, is doomed to mobile IM users growth by sooner or later. Only perseverance, only constant innovation, only the nation, “WeChat” and “micro” to walk out of the red sea, to set up a new business empire.