Chromecast sales, Google “helpless” in promotional activities

just released after a day, stopped its commitment to the user free Netflix 3 months of promotion. Whether there is something I don’t behind this?

your conspiracy theorists, please don’t guess again, because that there is no so-called “shady” behind. Reason is Chromecast sales too good, or even far beyond the expectations of Google and promotion.

Google in official said in a statement, as a result of Chromecast sales have now the eruption type, thus free use of previous Netflix 3 months of sales commitment, will no longer provide.

it is understood that in order to help the Chromecast exploit market, Google to Netflix wholesale these services, used for bundling provides to the user.

although Google underestimating the market demand, and in the promotion, but I don’t think it will affect the Chromecast explosive sales growth. The price of $35 has let, although there is no the Netflix preferential $24, but I believe that few because of this and give up buying Chromecast. (translator note: Netflix site three months of membership fee is $24)