Chrome “to replace” Windows, for Windows XP users continue to create a safe system environment

Google Chrome blog yesterday issued a statement, said they would continue to provide Chrome upgrade services for Windows XP users, even Microsoft no longer provide the user system patches.

in April last year, Microsoft announced that two years later will no longer provide patch upgrade services for Windows XP users. Also said, now Windows XP users only six months to upgrade to the new version of Windows.

however, Chrome was announced yesterday that they will continue to provide for Windows XP users browser upgrade service until 2015. In addition, Google also said that in view of the web browser is the main object of viruses attack, so constantly upgraded Chrome will also ensure that the user’s computer system stability and security.

according to the Internet research firm Net Applications, according to a report of the current Windows XP is still the occupancy of market, the second largest after Windows 7 Windows operating system. For Google, these actions will help them win more Windows XP users.

in addition to the mobile standoff, Google also gradually in the field of traditional PC in fighting against Microsoft. Had been running Google Chrome OS laptop. More it is worth noting that Google recently launched ChromeApp function. The new Chrome Apps have the double characteristics of network applications and native applications. On the one hand, it USES the network (Web) but need to rely on Chrome running, on the other hand, as it can be independent application in Chrome outside run locally. In addition the Chrome Apps also supports offline operation, across the operating system to run. This is considered Google challenge Microsoft Windows platform of a weapon. See the hunt for cloud network coverage