Chrome is becoming more and more difficult, you feel the same?

idle to nothing this morning, I in Twitter poking fun at Chrome on Mac systems more update more unstable, the more fat. Attracted a lot of reply. One of the most surprising is that all agree that Chrome is more and more slow response.

not just like me, “Mac OS X users, even the Windows users are reaction machine when running Chrome problems have appeared in the card machine. I finally come to a conclusion: Google is retrace Firefox course of the year. Firefox was constantly add functionality, once a speed, cabinet of the browser, into a slow BUG flying outrageous, “dump”.

once upon a time, we select the “concise, with” Firefox instead of IE, then with the bloated Friefox harder to use, we chose the Chrome fast and easy to replace Firefox.

but now, I’m a little worried, afraid of Chrome is no longer what I used to like. Google has been make Chrome “add fertilizer”, added a lot of useful to originally small browser has no function. Some function is simply to add and add. These “junk” greatly reduces the Chrome.

Google, don’t humiliate Chrome, also let us these loyal users. Let Chrome keep original so pure, simple, the appearance of the original is not good? As a browser, fast and relaxed and user experience is the heaviest. But now, if I am not strong Chrome back, I can’t even turn it off. It has become the only can get my MacBook Pro card software.

maybe you will think I am a conservative, to such a product in a fast iterative society, Chrome increase various functions is also understandable. But Google doesn’t seem to understand why love its browser. Google should aim to improve the JavaScript engine, also can update the underlying technology thoroughly, rather than excess have to add all sorts of unnecessary functions.

is the window of the user to enter the Internet browser, and Google is ever the most bright and pure and fresh and the window is “wasted” is going to won’t open. Perhaps all is not too late, I sincerely hope it can give the user a true colors of Chrome.

in addition, the improved Chrome first step: Flash get rough!