Chinese website creation new progress: ten great god termination rory comeback

Chinese website creation since birth, it is destined to not calm. From the beginning of founding team flee to rory are caught, along the way, the heart-pounding step by step. Despite the huge “spoiler”, Chinese website creation is dependent on the launched in secondary domain name way below.

today is full of march, march as below a chess pieces of grand strategy tencent literature or vanguard soldiers, the creation development how to now? Cloud network hunting after collecting the following information to readers.

1, the ten great god termination come true

writer team has always been literature websites comparative value of resources, so from the beginning of the online wu team poaching from the starting point, in 100 a number of heavyweight the author join in, including the original starting point of a well-known author has more than 30. After creation circulated on the Internet to the original starting point platinum author issue which has been open to 3000 yuan per thousand characters, this also let the envy of the industry.

but not for long. Recently, there are many news, according to the existing 10 great god in succession and creation in Chinese contract, respectively, high-rise buildings, the sky crane, the highest monthly, Z, sharp knife, xiao-hua zhang, radar don’t snow ling, ghosn, eventually running water.

, according to the latest news; According to other sources, the other part the author recent update frequency is slowing. Hunting cloud network learned that the news is that have signed agreement with creation of the great god will free authorization to ensure completion of a work.

why termination, for unknown reasons. A gossip speculation is a private agreement with shanda literature creation, Paul is mainly made for peace, rule against up three years the author (the author voluntarily move another). For grand, also be a victory over rivals. But that speculation has not been officially confirmed.

of course, the walk is the leave, besides, tencent is behind the creation of the platform support, has been valued by many authors. It is reported that 17 k misty rain jiangnan will join the creation of novel network, next month there will be several great god to join.

2, rory has come out

since may, after the accident, his weibo has been in a state of stop updating. From August 15, after prison first content: “all peace, thank you!” . He also drying out with old friends party photos, he said he has became thin 20 jins. (bottom right is a man)

in succession from then send weibo, rory had lightened, are free to enjoy life, beach, BBQ, music, this is his theme. Of course, he has started busy for site operation.

3, independent creation domain is online

the original independent creation domain name at, the domain name registration information display, chief of website of formal rory. Because the detention in website online on the eve of the company management team to temporarily borrow secondary domain name of, and keep up to now.

today, rory is out of jail, the police also did not announce any suspected criminal facts, which means that rory can still be served as the head of the Chinese website creation. Therefore, creation independent domain online is no concerns.

4, new brand better fusion with tencent literature

tencent dare to woo wu team, mainly on the great value of the entertainment strategy, although has been cultivated for years, but the basic belong to tinkering around the edges, effect is not big, need wu backed by an asset of the ocean. As a result, Chinese website creation is the vanguard of tencent’s strategy literature.

at present, the company has provided funding for creation, domain name and server resources such as the support, and will be part of the business to creation. Next, the creation will be more fusion with tencent’s original business. Among them, one of the most important is reading creation will use QQ to fully carry out the wireless business, which is launched today, creation hasn’t been launched mobile client.

according to industry insiders, according to the creation, the author of future income will be: website income + (QQ) + (WeChat + mobile wireless + tencent network literature. We can see creation in the next series of actions.

the latest news, according to tencent will be held in September in a conference to introduce the new brand strategy, when tencent literature will integrate all resources together, including the Chinese website creation, tencent literature within the network QQ reading, reading channel and mobile products. Please wait and see.

5, creation and start cooperation with 360

after 3 q war experience, the company has 360 and stood in the opposite. But in the field of literature, the creation is the first to start the cooperation with 360. 360 channels advantage to be reckoned with, but I don’t know is how to persuade the ma wu team.

in 360 page novel, has added a list of creation in Chinese always click the columns, and introduced the creation in the recommended a Chinese popular literature.

in addition, during the 360 search page, also emphatically recommended product creation, and can be directly click read, search for “young soldier king”, in the results page, on 360 novels, promote an even higher than the creation of Chinese official page.