China’s Internet the big three American way

hunting cloud network features (text/contributing editor JiPeng)

360 all its application by apple from the shelves in recent months, has not so far, the Internet has become increasingly fusion, against the background of China’s Internet three giant, baidu, tencent, ali respectively how to think about the us market? The current progress in the United States?

baidu: watching

li not covet the global market, to become the world’s hegemonic ambitions. In Japan is a good example. Since Google lost China, baidu has never mentioned into the U.S. market, scoring Google hinterland. Two years ago, li mentioned considering the complexity of the international market temporarily not to enter the American market, since no below.

veteran convective cloud network, said baidu don’t have many considerations enter the American market.

a, technical level. Baidu better at processing information in Chinese, compared to Google, baidu do not take any advantage on information processing of English.
Second, the competitive level. The United States not only Google entrenched, yahoo and bing is also very strong competitors, is a superior rulin, below).
Three, talent level. Baidu and competitors in terms of access to local talent and resources than no advantage.
Fourth, strategic level. Baidu once into the Google base, it is bound to stimulate the Google to direct more attention to the Chinese market, guide the strong to fight their rear, is for the decision.

sogou search continuously challenge baidu search and 360 domestic dominance, also is bound to affect the baidu to enter the U.S. market confidence, outside busy first, Ann.
For the U.S. market, baidu is just in a state of wait-and-see, the performance of baidu Japan may affect decisions to li.

alibaba: knife to

alibaba to buy back yahoo’s stake makes his every domestic candidate most likely to develop into the international big company. In the U.S. market, besides capital blending, alibaba has also made some real trenching built canal work.

in 2010, alibaba has acquired Vendio and Auctiva e-commerce companies in the United States. In order to get through overseas B2B2C chain. These two are original as eBay service company. Ali this is supposed to be sincere to pursue a career in the U.S. market. After all, it’s the money out. In addition, ali’s acquisition is also obvious for the U.S. market leader eBay.

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network said that alibaba more established foothold in the United States is to serve the broad masses of Chinese sellers, revitalize the alibaba business in China, not rob eBay bread and butter. In this sense, alibaba is the business in the United States, to enter the U.S. market concept and no strict boundaries.

considering the alibaba in the future in the United States, alibaba or further mergers and acquisitions activity in the us market.

alibaba to enter the U.S. market advantages and disadvantages are respectively?

alibaba back against the vast domestic manufacturing industry is the advantage of resources. If alibaba and eBay an arm-wrestling want to in the United States market, must depend on two conditions: one is the changes of the trade background, American manufacturing reverse need input to China’s large trade. One is that alibaba deep American traders and the abundant local resources network is established. These two conditions, alibaba in a short period of time don’t have.

tencent: investment guide

in the U.S. market, tencent’s main rival is who? FaceBook? EA? Who else? Have a lot of money and tencent is investment ways feel the market’s temperature.

tencent recently announced the media some investment projects in North America: Everyme, ano, Raptr, Sonalight, RunWilder, Waddle. Teng – executives told the media revealed the purpose behind the action, tencent launched a series of capital first, have the opportunity to work together with them, looking for cooperation opportunities in the future. Second, to discuss and explore how tencent (North America) to open overseas exhibition business social network.

actually, tencent already use the leverage of capital leverage tough market in the United States.

in 2010, tencent to Russian Internet company Digital Sky Technologies Limited (DST) investment of about $300 million. While the latter is taking a stake in a number of large Internet companies, including Facebook and Facebook’s hottest social game developer company. This is tencent curve attack case.

in addition to tencent in the game field is increasingly showing confidence in the us market. 2011 successively acquired American Riot Games and Games (the maker Games, “plants vs zombies” and “gem history” developers). Through the hero alliance (LoL) game, tencent’s major breakthroughs were made in the international network game business. LoL the top three in the United States into the network play.

tencent will through the power of the capital, with the help of a partnership break into the American game market.

now micro letter has already started to set up offices in North America.

Three giant challenge:

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network, says the big three in the United States is facing great challenges.


, policy risk

Google in the eu suffered an antitrust lawsuit reflects the Internet big multinational journey difficult. Once the Chinese Internet company must have the us Internet market, it is difficult to ensure that the U.S. government will not introduce related restrictions.

2, intellectual property barriers.

although the big three are attaches great importance to the construction of intellectual property rights, but compared with advanced foreign competitors, there is a certain gap. But in the future, intellectual property rights will be the competition of core assets. From the big apple and samsung disputes, we can see.

3, mobile Internet

the mobile Internet is becoming the center of the rights of Internet, and mobile Internet strategic highland has been dominated by apple, Google, etc, the big three have already lost the first mover advantage.