China’s facebook broken dreams Renren has eviscerated


hunting cloud network 3 on 12 ,

renren yesterday issued by the 2012 in the fourth quarter and the year without the audit results. results show that renren 2012 annual loss as much as 7500 $, among them the main loss is glutinous rice.

RENN everyone shares during the year

at analyst meeting, everyone Chen said that everyone in the future will play “a battle and three battle,” the first battle of the battle for the mobile Internet, the first battle in order to speed up the game everyone split, the second battle of the glutinous rice be buying industry first, the third battle for extending warp/weft card high-end business users.

the mobile Internet, games, group purchase, warp/weft card…

wait a minute, like what’s wrong. Renren, which go to?

renren indicates renren

about renren, the public image of it is a social networking site. But as Mr Chen’s no renren position as in battle battle plan, in all the company’s portfolio, renren has become a piece of chicken ribs, will not be give up, but can no longer be the center of gravity of the company.

everyone’s current portfolio can be divided into 6 :

all game. although was criticized for brush list, in leather, but it is everyone’s cash cow. Half of the revenue from this. The first battle that is to say “let everyone game spin-off listed”.


glutinous rice. This is the loss, but recently saw the hope of rising incomes. Group has already become a cinderblock, survived several of the the boil dead each other’s dreams, hope “leftover is king”. Although can’t see the possibility of glutinous rice became a bulk first. But 2013 young kui is possible.

3 fabric card. The is the only one to everyone take a “mobile Internet” product. Since everyone want to play with the concept of mobile Internet network, to vigorously promote the… But so thin, of a product, can become a mobile Internet ticket just strange.

4, 56 video. Neither dead nor alive, tepid… No sense.

5 renren, economic recession flow downturn, advertising sales. Rival tencent friends network has overtaken renren.

6 mop, Donews and a series of no good revenue also no sense to buy goods

we can see from the above analysis, renren at present to the image of the packaging has been changed to “mobile Internet + + group “, “the Chinese version of the past facebook “concept has been abandoned. 1 , 2 , 3 become everyone’s center of gravity, 4 , 5 , 6 three business was play to die in the corner.

renren business become less, but we need to promote all game spin-off listed, the results will only cause renren hollowing out. Now everyone shares in the 3 $hovering, once the buck. If everyone game spin-off, the hollowing out of RENN?

when you say nothing at the answers.