China mobile post: what about WeChat charge dispute

the author: China mobile research institute

recently, the issue of operator is to charge a micro letter, with the minister of the ministry, China mobile’s former chairman wang jianzhou, founder of tencent ma huateng, tencent President liu chiping as well as various well-known commentators have to join the debate in the industry, and at that time to contend that buzzes.

in essence, WeChat “signaling storm” the challenge of this problem is operator business network mode, operators to charge a WeChat have 10000 reasons, there are also 10000 reasons not to charge a WeChat. Although the ministry has said, but the opinion leaders and elites or views, the media reprinted everywhere, microblog blustery, public opinion is one-sided, operators have been blamed, really let a person cannot grasp.

a fee or not in the mobile Internet incidents that cause why so much turmoil? What challenges the micro letter to collect fees, do you? If finely underneath it, regardless of the specific technical connotation, things don’t imagine the simple.

1, the impact of the existing mode of traditional

it is well known that the rapid arrival of mobile Internet era, has given rise to WeChat class software and so on a series of social communication, mobile communication to communicate via data traffic, thus completely “crossing” the use of the business operators of text messages. At the same time, the development of micro letter voice intercom function, also impact the voice business operators, and maintenance bring great challenges to carriers earnings. Predictably, SMS business operators will gradually be swallowed up by the mobile Internet communication tools such as micro letter, and voice, it would probably have to be faced with more serious form.

in the Internet age, communications operators more than ten years of painstaking operation by the mobile communication network, spent hundreds of billions of funds and millions of excellent engineer’s hard work, for it is by Internet companies OTT relentless riding on his head, gradually become a pipeline, nature is stressful. And WeChat serves as an excellent representative of OTT, for operators of traditional telecom maintenance and charge mode has brought the huge impact and shock.

in fact, judging from the reaction of now, the operator is quite tolerant. Represented by China mobile, the mobile operators to OTT model has been pregnant with a very tolerant and understanding attitude. China mobile’s chairman, Mr Xi has made it clear that “OTT is a kind of technological progress, an unstoppable trend, is no power can stop.” China mobile communications research institute, huang also further stated that “is not against OTT business operators. People like it, including ourselves, have love, why do you want to go against?” . In fact, in addition to the WeChat “signaling storm” incident, operators of WeChat business with its own business is always the same, no suppression and regulation.

however, this time with the signal of the impact of micro letter, is OTT model cross operator of a kind of expression of “red line”. WeChat now the biggest problem is to design a product, such as like WeChat “always online”, constantly to the carriers network issued a “heart”, the “heart” itself without any traffic, but it would take a signaling channel operators, if too much too fast, “heartbeat” will lead to operator’s network problems, and even paralysis. In other words, the current WeChat occupy too much operators resources, but not bring income matching flow, at the same time may also make the network paralysis. This is probably cause operators to tencent a direct cause of discontent.

and appeared in 2012, the Japanese such problems caused by the “signaling storm” network collapse. Operators hope to and tencent to sit down and talk about this problem solution, it is very justified and necessary.

2 traffic, industry competition

chairman MAO had taught us “see the essence through the phenomenon”. The nature of the micro letter fees, content is the operator for the “pipe” be trampled the helpless, is also represented by tencent emerging Internet companies trying to get rid of the underlying bondage, vying for industry bosses intention. WeChat charges or not, in my opinion, is not important, important is the voice of both in their industry. Stir the quarrel, the greater the demand both sides or one side bigger breakthrough intentions.

if you don’t charge WeChat, equivalent to industry acquiesced in tencent the operator abuses the behavior of the “red line”, is the direct consequences of tencent after fame and business can without reservation is above the operators, and various other instant messaging software will be without scruple the use of network resources for operators. Whatever garbage application, junk traffic can be run on operators’ networks. If the operator slightly, there is no charge for WeChat as “record”, operators will also further loss of voice.

if the micro letter to collect fees, on pipeline operators from the absolute right to control or cannot shake. Operators can use of pipeline safety monitoring, traffic management, etc., sufficient monitoring and intervention in the flow towards the Internet enterprises. Although the result of the impact is not big Internet companies, but the flow pipe, lack of voice, will leave them in the next step of value-added services and applications to break facing operators.

in foreign countries, court ruling mechanism of a “reference” in the first case, in a case, there is no obvious point to decision, if you have any similar case sentenced before subsequent similar cases will refer to the verdict of the case. So in the United States, samsung and apple’s infringement suit competition so fierce, behind with Google, Google in order to maintain their camp, lest appear inside the camp there were prosecuted and strive for the initiative led to the risk of lawsuits. So, this has evolved into OTT campaign with operators knife campaign “first class”, who wins who negative, will further change the pattern of the development of China’s mobile Internet.

based on this, for “may charge” of the ministry’s statement is designed to maintain the existing communications industry order, sure operator of pipeline.

three, who helped?

in both sides negotiate an acceptable solution, things seem to be very fierce. The authority of the ministry of industry as an industry regulator, miao minister said publicly, “the ministry has asked the operator to submit corresponding solutions, regulators, an overall standing in the user’s point of view WeChat may have a fee, but not a big charge.” Following a one-sided situation of public opinion, really worrying.

operator is the most passive, China mobile has become a punching bag. China mobile, in addition to the earliest before a mention “may charge”, never take the initiative to mention the OTT service charge. At the same time, the leadership of the China mobile and the ministry of speech, had repeatedly stressed and OTT and win-win cooperation. Even from the ministry and the China mobile’s official statement, charge of objects are also aimed at tencent, no customer facing charges. Results now literally over twitter and BBS, criticism of China mobile, bristle.

can’t deny that involved will affect the interests of the users treat it should be very careful. So long diameter are “may charge” “charging tencent, operator of attitude also is restrained, the official said no tough talk. Tencent and other Internet companies, too, seems to be calm, just keep the “popular”, says it will not charge. But is has been the impact of public opinion, difficult to control.

first weibo spreads out “in the ministry of industry, operators under double pressures, Mr Ma failed to resist, micro letter charge will begin on July 1, fee standards: article 5/information, voice 1/MAO” weibo message, and at that time the customer rise up, rise up, and all kinds of experts have accused the ministry and operators to collect fees in disorder. Then some of the so-called experts have begun to appear in each big media, with “double charges” in succession “industry monopoly” condemn China mobile’s no-trade clause. Then raised in each big famous portal professional post and opinion leaders, and vote on public display the nature of the discussion. Now has the appearance of many foreign operators analogy is no charge for “practice”, said to the international community, the charge is from the people of the world.

all the content of public opinion, have a plenty of rumors, have a plenty of don’t understand the technology of “brick house” arbitrary, and there is the logic of pirates. Even WeChat charge, because of problems caused by the operator of product design resources nervous and operational pressure, to make money is also a product, a excessive use of the operators resources, so the product side as to product whether to charge a customer, that is product decisions, why all pull to the operator’s head. The equivalent of a taxi on the road ran off to account for the emergency lane and cause congestion, in order to control this kind of situation, took the congestion charge highway, the taxi take these costs on to consumers, don’t you blame the highway?

“article 5/information, voice 1/MAO”, don’t know who invented such a wide spectrum of charging method, the so-called information and voice data traffic, have been in data flow has been charged fees, to control WeChat now is for the occupation of the resource of signaling, with data of wandering fee is not the same thing. There are some “repeated charge”, is also not clear micro letter “signaling storm” risk is subjective. There is no charge for foreign operators practice is unreliable. Abroad with micro letter mechanism is the same software? Various countries have different network structure and scale, the effects of this signaling storm, foreign operators may have not seen a comparable? Even if there is a country without charge, may also be related to users and user scale and usage. Before, for example, the expansion of the micro letter is not highly, not endanger the operators signaling resources when there is no charge? That means don’t charge in the future?

the most funny is “in the ministry of industry, operators under double pressures, Mr Ma failed to resist”, the other is not much said, who helped cans be imagined.

order four, operators, and industry are dangerous

things present development situation from now to look at the whole micro letter charging events, operators facing a very dangerous situation.

from the beginning to now, the operator has remained very restraint and positive attitude to solve the problem, but today the one-sided form of public opinion, let a person too chilling. Especially in boao Asia BBS yesterday also launched a study of more than 3000 people in the survey, the results of the survey shows that 9.8% of people voted for “as long as don’t charge to consumers, support the operator to tencent fee”. 71% opposed to collect fees, they think that “even if WeChat free for consumers should not be charging tencent”; Finally, 19% of people think that “as long as I don’t pay, do not accept money with me it doesn’t matter”.

if the vision may be swayed by public opinion of the masses, boao Asia BBS high-end personage, opposition to fees accounted for 71%, especially “even WeChat free for consumers should not be charging tencent” no logical argument, this is chilling.

have to say, the operators of public relations ability of public opinion in dealing with the whole thing there are serious problems, a single by sincere attitude and positive attitude can solve the problem is, “gossip, diligence”, do not rule out has a lot of problems have been some people or companies that have ulterior motives to spread rumors and rhetoric masks. From the point of view of enterprise development, blindly compromise already could not reverse the situation, must be picked up as a weapon to defend their rights.

if under the attack of public opinion, operators back, miit retreated, the consequences are very serious, in the long run, not is the carrier of life and death, but in the whole industry order and national information security. This is definitely not alarmist.

operator, lost the pipeline’s absolute control, looking at the Internet companies to do whatever you want to be in the pipeline for effective regulation and maintenance. To close, “signaling storm” if you continue, caused by other users cannot call and succeeded by the operator to view? By that time, you can’t call, all complaints, that is caused by customer had their own indulgence, how you feel. “Pipe” the maintenance of the pressure, the maintenance of all kinds of new business expansion growth pressure increasing, also faced the profits continue to decline, to maintain the basic communication facilities and people? The last loss or client.

in the long run, in the future, be the king Internet companies, operators decline, these pipes on the content of the regulation and who will find and solve information security problems? Even if a step back, Internet companies took over, the operator of pipeline directly to the resources to maintenance and management, the user can feel they are better than operators do now? Operators to a large extent, to provide users with communication services at the same time also give attention to both the function of information security and social responsibility, in the face of the user’s misunderstanding and some false statements, they also very hard. If the industry order reversed, that caused out of the control of the situation, the injured or users themselves.

five, this is a revolution, how to deal with

OTT this problem, the global operators do not avoid this problem, and there is no an effective method to control and avoid. Represented by China mobile, the domestic operators, whether the management decision-making level above or below the implementation of the employees, is a kind of open inclusive attitude to treat, and seek win-win with Internet companies.

to be sure, if not WeChat expansion of business development, for the misuse of the situation, signaling channel operators could not find Internet companies to discuss the solution and discuss the possibility. Because this kind of signaling abuse really damaged the legitimate communications services to other users, operators have to stand up to coordinate and solve the problem.

no matter Internet companies cooperate don’t cooperate, or don’t rule out there are some people who spread false confusing, to solve this problem has brought the huge impact, but operators must go straight in this adhere to the road, can’t compromise and retreat. Many people emphasize to use technology to solve the problem, the problem of it is correct, but the current situation, if it is can’t brave technical orientation, open to the society, to the user public, but is forced to compromise and fall, is not a big business.

in the face of complex network architecture, operators can solve difficulties, optimize network quality; In the face of complex business specification package, operators can also planning and improvement of optimization changes; nullnullnullnullnull