China labor watch accused apple suppliers jabil technology to build a sweatshop, violations of the labor rights and interests

as a new generation of the iPhone’s forthcoming good situation, the apple falling back into labor abuse lacquers.

foreign science and technology media reported All ThingsD, ngos China labor watch, has accused apple provider Jabil technology company (Jabil Circuit), in violation of the labor law. , the agency noted jabil technology factory is located in wuxi, discrimination in hiring, crowded living environment, forcing workers to work overtime, and heavy buckles overtime pay.

Jabil (Jabil Circuit) is – home of the famous American company, was founded in 1966, is headquartered in Florida, about 100000 employees around the world. The company to provide customers around the world from the design, development, production, assembly, system technical support, and even to the end user distribution of quality services.

in recent years, about the apple products suppliers to build a sweatshop, violation of worker rights and interests emerge in endlessly. Cook last year said: “apple has always been concerned about the global supplier of laborer to work, no think apple ignored point of view, are wrong and offensive.”

yesterday, apple reiterated in a statement that view, and points out that the company has sent a working group, to the factory is located in the investigation.

a jabil company spokesman said in an interview: “reports of abuse of workers, we were anxious. At present, we have launched an investigation.”