China good voice this cake, points predators each Ann heart?

China good voice for almost half of the season despite a mixed, although strong to meet with happy boys, but from the perspective of the ratings of the nearly seven times, at the same time segment has always been a good voice in first, and ratings from 3.5% of the first phase, has been up to the seventh period, 5.1% of the market share of each issue are in more than 10%, far higher than fast men, etc. Say so, no matter good voice this issue how false “performance”, how many, but the data speak, at least for now – China good voice or a piece of cake!

is also because of this, for the brands, good sound cooperation with China is racing. Sponsorship, named, support, strategic cooperation… As long as it can take a good sound it would lift, brands are inexhaustible strength.

so, what are good sound this cake points eater?

less from China “tongue” China in the advertisement, we can know that good sound cooperation brand garnering much treasure this season, the sparrow gazelles and physical fly Young, get its name and much treasure, the finches antelope has special broadcast rights, physical fly Young gain support interaction. In addition, the big brand of cooperation as well as access to exclusive webcast sohu video and access to the only authorized clothing footwear brands vancl, and so on. These, can say is “good sound” this cake eaters.

that these brands at the time of “broken”, what is Ann’s heart? Here, I analyses some major brands slightly.

add much treasure: “red tank duel” strategic

“authentic sound good, real good herbal tea. Welcome to the cool tea leaders with much treasure, its name plus million treasure China good voice broadcast, is familiar with the taste of this summer, or voice… “When China less again in this period of advertisement, open good voice, in the second quarter of the basic means to add the stupa in the game with wang ji brand battle to add a layer of chance again.

you know, to the broad medicine group announced last year to recover after the trademark of “wang ji”, a “red tank duel” market battle begins. The smoke permeated from channel to pr.

early, in the broad medicine group, the strength of the contrast, plus the stupa obvious disadvantage. However, as the stupa marriott bet 6000 “Chinese good voice” after the first quarter, with China’s good voice hitching a ride, situation plummet, plus the stupa with “good authentic good herbal tea, authentic sound” brand, from the consumer’s brand awareness.

but add the stupa also know that, “wang ji” is the brand of his own spent many years, basic already and “red pot cool tea” fuses in together, can’t be a few months of promotion to the education market. So, in recent years, with much treasure need a platform to “sell” yourself, and be able to bound, to form a new kind of brand culture.

so, add much treasure “that” the good voice, so in early November last year, zhejiang satellite TV advertised bidding conference 2013, plus the stupa at $200 million for total naming rights, firmly held a “pass”. Because it is afraid of photographed this is wang ji. So, will fall short.

sohu: zhang video dream

this one season is an important characteristic of a good voice is in the form of exclusive webcast, broadcast rights sold 100 million yuan to sohu video.

for zhang, this is a good thing? Is. Though, “good sound” single this program hasn’t won as much as 100 million yuan zhang of the deal, however, is actually a good voice, including its derivative programs such as series. That the price of this TV play is equivalent to half an exclusive content. 100 million yuan, is worth.

and the industry knows, in the product strategy of sohu, zhang has been the sohu video in the core position. Because in zhang’s view, relative to the browser and input these products, video cashability is stronger, and the video will be the future of the Internet, a large entrance. So, you will understand, in good voice started in the second quarter of the first period, zhang himself to sohu news from media visit client, live in the discussion good voice.

look at the data: according to sohu’s own data, good voice first aired, sohu video voice in the second quarter of the total users up to 130 million, among them, the new users accounted for 73.4%. That is to say, sohu video for good sound to attract new users accounted for seventy percent.

of course, zhang can earn 100 million yuan, it said the other. And good voice alone the program with other video giant competition also is very single, zhang’s video there is still a long road.

every guest: old lend chicken unripe egg game art

, so to speak, good voice, the second phase of the business value is the comprehensive mining, the sparrow gazelles and much treasure, sohu video, physical, lenovo… Basic has been divided up this “cake”. If which merchants want to gets out, it is difficult to! But a careful person will find that these brands to the good voice just sponsor or agent, are only limited to the program itself.

the programs?

it is understood that in mid-august, vancl have reached an agreement with the “Chinese good voice” in the second quarter of strategic cooperation, become the only official authorized clothing footwear brands. Then, where visitors will be around the brand image of “Chinese good voice” and in the second quarter of good voice students elements such as clothing design, production and sales.

so… I basic understand the counsel of the old. As a way of “cheng bite gold”, in the absence of “SanBanFu”, and add the stupa “cake” is not necessarily how much chance. So the old path, to look at programs in good voice, combining with the characteristics of itself as the Internet has its own fashion brand and good sound brand culture, open up a brand derivatives, borrow good sound brand, create a unique cultural brand, to help support its brand building industry chain. Popular point said, that it is in the use of China’s good voice that only “chickens” birth every guest with good sound brand derivatives of the “egg”.

there is no doubt that old this recruit “lend chicken unripe egg” or more lethal. Because it is a work with good sound sponsorship fees, it does not need to be so high, achieved the purpose of to small cardiac big; Because if the successful implementation and benign development of the initiative, to our guest’s competitors will be a big hit. Because the brand value and fans of sound economic is very large space, once bundled with every guest, that in the clothing footwear market that only exclusive.

of course, this is just guess, good voice can become a lasting influence of the brand, I’m not sure. But as I said in the beginning, at least at this stage it’s brand or have a certain value, it is a piece of “cake” brands!

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