Cheng Binghao: kaixin to borrow mobile game “victory”

(editor: qing nan)

LeiJunYou words, standing in the wind, the pig can wind up. He complied with the outbreak of the smartphone trend, so millet.

but for kaixin, was also on the step of social network point, take the lead in the domestic leading the tide, failed to cheer all the way to the end.

now, the arrival of the mobile Internet as a founder of Cheng Binghao began a “service” type of bet, this time, he will be the swimmer bets on the mobile games.

in the newly opened 2013 ChinaJoy game show, kaixin e1000 &e2000 6 new appearance, very few public appearances Cheng Binghao is rare in peak BBS “has never been a savior, mobile change the future” the theme of the speech. For him and the company, this is the first time. Also shows that in recent period of time, kaixin will undergo a major turning point in the process of growth.

architecture under the adjustment of new ideas

if you want to mention kaixin games business, many people still have to stay in stealing, robbing this simple little game on the cognition of parking Spaces. Kaixin lifted the wave has been labeled a thick to itself. In fact, the site grew in the subsequent developments based on the social platform games business. Since 2012, kaixin contribution income more than advertising game, the current income proportion in the whole is more than 60%.

although kaixin for most mobile game product yet known, but in fact, the company in early 2012 to look at in this market.

Cheng Binghao convective cloud network, from then, mobile games have been identified as one of the most important business direction kaixin. In May 2012 when the company structure adjustment, games and social, innovative products are classified as three main business formally, according to the ideas were earning popularity, make money and make the future. His opponent request is, medium and long term will be more powerful screen of mobile game developers and operators.

Shortly after the

direction determine, kaixin then launched the first mobile game products of the company, happy in the animal kingdom. But that is not how many people actually know this product.

“the product is not successful, the vanity fair in the circle game, but should not be in at that time the adversities hero; Make failure means that the team will be eliminated, but we chose to remain, “Cheng Binghao the in the mind is very clear also, try water products despite the price to pay, the more talents, do accumulation of product research and development design, operation, etc.


kaixin based on mobile games can be summarized as: the research, agency, overseas operations. At present, the company owns two since research studio: aoshen and teng, and is equipped with an overseas game. In the China Joy show six mobile phone game is from two big teams.

Cheng Binghao said, at present the main goal is to quickly push products, will not set the KPI assessment requirements. Although formally entered the market time is not long, but kaixin has tasted the sweets. At the end of June launch hand swim “oneworld” online for a month, income has more than 1 million.

market gave three years only

the current mobile Internet game, the rules are changed, although the giant invested heavily to hustle, but there is still great uncertainty, market pattern appeared a new chance to adjust.

Cheng Binghao believe that all this is just beginning and orgasm is yet to come. But he believes that the market for kaixin time about three years, “if can’t catch the opportunity, in this three years, at least, is the boom will be missed.”

obviously, he don’t want to let the story of kaixin once again. In the mobile game in the subsequent planning, kaixin rhythm than ever seem “radical”, because he only concern is “fast enough”.

at present, kaixin has invested in three game development team. Cheng Binghao revealed that the next six months, hope to add 2 since the research team, at least 60 people. Because he wanted to product the quantity and quality to meet the change of the mobile game reshuffle in 2013

. In the coming year, kaixin plan out 1-2 million investment 5-10 game development team.

for overseas markets, kaixin active layout. Overseas team is now in the development of the market including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia, Europe and North America, the future will also move into emerging markets such as Russia, South America, Turkey.