Chen: the product innovation is who kill?

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Steve jobs said a words: a company product is the most terrible people killed. The words of a case is big in China. Not just because of the past year or two, grand executives gathered. But because the product, the grand Q4 2012 earnings, according to the accounts receivable of $172 million, for the first time be swim beyond, have dropped out of the top three of the games industry.

today, I saw the first financial weekly out a lengthy supplement “Chen of right and wrong”, the author Xie Lingning, showed a more real, inside the demise of the company in product innovation, has selected several stories, one spot looking picture:

【 story 1: product fierce 】

in February 2002, YueTao joined shanda, Chen said to him, the two words: legendary China is now the most popular online games; This year, the grand will become the top Chinese game industry co., LTD. Miss a lot of people at that time the grand, in this kind of atmosphere, YueTao in six months time, rose from a network engineer, deputy director of the centre of technical support. YueTao concludes, “the point is, then everybody feel grand is to do your own thing, related to himself.” During that time he often late into the night at the desk near rest, Chen tianqiao coming will wake him up, immediately go to sleep! By the second half of 2003, shanda games in addition to the “legend” and “the legend of the world”, and “soaplands”, “new heroes door”, “broken the Milky Way”, “crazy tank”, and many other products.

“story 2: micro innovation”

grand startup, Chen tianqiao they have several very awesome micro innovation. The first is the point card agent channel system. At that time, Chen tianqiao they found a problem: the user often complain about not point card. Day Chen bridge Esales system was put forward, which is a kind of virtual point card can be set up in the net cafe download terminal sales, top-up and game, by the Internet cafe owner directly into user accounts prepaid phone game. This is not only a sales network, is also a marketing channels.

the second micro innovation is a bank card to pay. Then China’s e-commerce startup, and Chen from the proposed the development of bank card payment plan from the start, means of all company paid to bank card payments than weight, increase of 15%. At that time, the efficiency is very important. Some things on the first day of a meeting to discuss, the second day will see the result. “At that time no one asked, want a pay increase, no one, not to mention the option”.

【 story 3: work culture VS PPT 】

in May 2004, shanda network successfully listed on nasdaq, has become a big turning point in history. A former grand LingHai of marketing and sales director said: “Chen doesn’t care about other people see themselves, so he CARES about is so others view of the company.” The implication is that, shanda must change image: grand is by no means a family enterprise. Airborne, professional managers began mass into the grand, with Chen tianqiao, Diana li to sign.

YueTao will he with the contradiction between the airborne middle, described as “doing things culture” and “powerpoint culture”. As a technical support center, deputy director, he must submit to the director of the process, the process is a pressure for a month. Every time mention upwards, the answer is “in”. YueTao were “always be suppressed. Another employee memories, there is a period of time, some will receive other departments “request” : you don’t need to work overtime, this gives us a lot of pressure.

【 story 4: airborne troops and veterans conflict 】

in 2010, a number of start-up period Huang Daizi employees, all of a sudden the collective “impeachment” shanda CEO Diana li at that time, Chen tianqiao feel pressure not to live any longer. That same year, Diana li from shanda games left, and then is Tan Qunzhao for her. Conflict of old and new employees, new and old system, also let Chen once considered to be one of the decision-making core “President Office” useless. The agency was founded in the end of 2003, original intention is to direct transmission and carry out the project execution, but the struggle between the two cultures in the end, one side show according to the upper hand. Some statements in President Office, passes through “refined”, in order to let Chen “satisfied with the progress of the project,” direct impact some of his judgment.

[5 story: the king’s visit]

one day, Chen suddenly thought of, have to go to the dining room in the new company office building to see. Near his car came to the door of the building, has imposed “blockade”, don’t let an employee pass. When he was the only can hold 100 people, in the dining room with both hands and see exactly what food, is surrounded by a circle Huang Daizi top, dining room seat was empty. Then he left with satisfaction.

“story 6: the voice of the users”

every user into shanda games, from the beginning is the continuous tracking target: if the user log in, and have a certain time every day, it is considered to be active; If the user is suddenly on only one or two times a week, shanda will determine whether facing the loss of the user. Followed is some measures to “save”.

at the time of shanda games or charge according to the time, some people in the middle, whether the “month card” system, because “this is from the user calls”. Chen tianqiao, at this time going to throw a report at the meeting, and he always harsh tone say: you have a look, if the month card, we will earn less?


【 story embarrassing innovation school 】

in the second half of 2012, shortly before shanda innovation hospital material closed, shanda games also set up their own “innovation”. Because from “above” news that Chen “in the success of the games on copying an innovative school model”. Later as a result, along with the innovation of shut down soon, “game innovation” was also asked to quickly find the project of supporting himself, daily income index is 1 million.

【 story 8: the elder brother of the bridge platform dream 】

grand departing employees have a “fighter” party, held for the first time in June, 2012, Chen recorded a video, describe yourself in the past many years, what on earth do: “our game products from the start is not a platform type leather production. Although can bring us from the first year of profit, but we have no way to grow up to be like baidu, tencent based on a platform type products as the rapid development of enterprises. So we in the past more than ten years of effort, it should be said the whole shanda has gradually become a platform for the development of enterprises, both in terms of content platform to service platform to innovation platform “.

Chen also dreams of doing the platform, under the spring tide, mobile Internet, he in fact already more and more far away from the platform. Do platform, not by traffic is king, not the channel is king, but the product is king.

this is also a $1 billion worth of case story: product innovation cup who kill? Maybe you read from the difficulty of entrepreneurship since the childhood, bureaucrats and big company of disaster, but I think, the most key sticking point — – do you have a product for the king’s genes. In the Internet on the battlefield, all PK surrounding products, all around the product manager.

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