Chen Haozhi shelling tencent: let me say you what good?

tencent work again! This fire is Chen Haozhi, is to do the fishing’s got talent “tens of millions of their monthly income on game company boss.

Chen Haozhi shelling story began in tencent dig its employees, then started shelling tencent shanzhai. Say, tencent not shanzhai will die?

here is a letter Chen:

remember the first and only time I saw ma huateng, Donews meeting in early 2001, eat at a table at the time, Mr Ma is now most entrepreneurs, easy-going, few words, more is to listen to what others in the chat. And I took men go to the party at the time, because want to let sales know more customer.

two weeks later, my staff and I said, she will go to tencent. I was surprised, she said ma after she has potential, to tencent do sales. Ha ha, I call the company tencent Beijing at that time, the head of the question, how can you dig my people! Why does it take you? I am very good. Tencent, let me say you what good Later, I heard my this female staff in tencent’s Top Sales for five consecutive years, but her only regret is tencent’s stock to sell too early.

remember that time is a staunch supporters of the tencent, because as an early company at that time, in 2001 began to all people haven’t realize the importance of operators, has been constructed in China telecom, China mobile provincial hardware billing server; In many companies from blocking the QQ service, wall through the member services through a variety of ways, to keep QQ open effectively; Can not officially launched in the advertising business, 10, one thousand months monthly in QQ chat interface to the customer delivery a large amount of advertising and protection effect; Will also be able to surround themselves with a young structures and operation of the product manager for QQ show, and then get hundreds of millions of income; Compared with contemporary ICQ, MSN, QQ is that fully reflects the products to the user as the center of faith, many services implemented on the QQ, we can’t see the ICQ, MSN, though some of them are integrated, must admit that this is the integration of creative ways to effectively.

until around 2005, and I turned back to MSN, for large, complex, blinding function QQ it’s hard for me to have to face again.

in 2008 because of partners demanded, start using QQ, found that the expansion of the QQ don’t seem so heavy or so hysterical, can at least be quiet. So, QQ in after 4 years and become the main tool. And the process, although you don’t play, but constantly hear news all kinds of games, such as “seven male supremacy” monthly income of 200 million, QQ more than grand as China’s largest game operators, QQ..

because at that time, have never thought you’d do the game, so, also never thinks of all this, and what’s the relationship between game industry, the company?

these two years, began to do mobile games later, only to find that, before the Internet said want to venture, will be asked if tencent did you to do this problem, perhaps because 51 after sale, slant the door has been doing, contemporary art, traditional collection, overseas translation, nature will not have any feeling for the above problems. Because these areas was too small to tencent cannot see, rather than does.

however, mobile games can no longer be so insignificant, tencent is the field of giant past, only for many years, tencent Kjava and Wap games more do business, but these don’t look are focus on business, tencent can have 1, 2 billion yuan a year.

smartphones became popular, tencent, seemed to have no time to take care of this field is more QQ wireless and mutual entertainment, but tentacles really is very broad, we, at home and abroad in the leisure, the heavy billing product everywhere see the figure of tencent. , of course, is very lucky, while tencent shanzhai, investment agencies more than 5 version of fishing, we are in.

here, I remembered last year CocoaChina developers will I speak at the conference, there’s a company we don’t expect him, but he must be to do so. So they are about to launch a product the Draw Something fake, everyone knows who is at the time, so are also knowing smile.

over the past five months, we have always admired the penguin as mascot, but is too huge to identify companies. Not just because they have a like QQ WeChat tough cut more imaginary space, but also because a year ago, they invested in a south Korean company called Kakao Talk, in August last year the Korean version of WeChat open game business, the month as you 20 million yuan, and in October, which is 2 months after the revenue jumped to 200 million. Therefore, we have one more communication from the special words, called Kakao Talk mode, consumption, number of games to send heart, goal-driven, fast-paced, competition of friends, the high income.

is also last year, South Korea Kakao Talk all game platforms partner just asked about the perception of China, almost all the people together, we are waiting for WeChat. On the other hand, we also hear that tencent in South Korea and the introduction of these vendors in communication to do early agent work.

as a result, when we see on the upcoming WeChat 3 games, lianliankan, three types of diabetes two Ani pang fortress, there is a horizontal version of parkour shanzhai, really speechless.

not shanzhai will die, I say you what good?

you buy out and monopoly over Japan’s all a glimmer of cartoon theme, you bought the EPIC and its next-gen game engine, this engine can support including big next generation Web side cross-platform 3 d game, you have a first-class producer in game numerical, localization, billing, no one can and, you have the most powerful operation supporting capacity including the largest Internet cafe management and to push the system. In fact you do a product directly, will die, success rate 10%, others you is 80%.

sometimes is not very understanding, so strong execution, such a strong business strategy, investment ability, so strong so strong reserves, do get done? Be so have no confidence?

, we analyze analysis WeChat games really is very rich, help share price?

I remember and investors often, you see, our business structure and tencent very much like 2004, 63% of the revenue comes from operators value-added income, while the other 30% comes from leisure and online gaming, and 2005, tencent advertising a few other Internet value-added services after start-up, income directly increase 50%, and 100% of the growth in 2006. So we really get tencent is doing an example.

now WeChat do games, playing with QQ friends, WeChat friends? Users of Internet use time when already leaning to the mobile Internet, it must be all things to all people to ask you a question, this is a new market or expand eating its own tail. Is the transfer their own user

on the other hand, tencent in the Web of high profits on the market (until 2011 is more than 40% of the net profit), can be replicated in the mobile Internet? Very difficult, because Web developers to less than 1 million points on 70%, excluding the Q coin money pay channels, excluding mandatory bandwidth, excluding promotion platform deposits, excluding taxes and fees, to get around 27%.

on a mobile phone, developers can do at least 40% or 50%. And even if all channels are not doing, developers are 70% income than on iOS, now I’m MT certainly prefer iOS market, because of the high profits.

when a market allocation rules has been basically established, tencent is newcomers to enter the market, so there is no way if you want to maintain high profits, is must let their products to obtain the 100% of revenue, then the nepotism, then the investment relationship, then the “open”, this time it was already flat-fell seam.

if it comes, you let our developers, developers, is intolerable, channels, and even run the business? !

actually have, won’t have any effect, don’t expect there will be no entanglements, oneself to go its own way, I believe that the future development of HTML 5 games, WeChat is definitely a strong platform, and now the leisure game Kakao Talk mode must also can earn money. Predictably, even if WeChat really open to the public, investors will be popular with WeChat largest profit of the company and the team.

however, this is not the most mainstream way in the future market, developers ecology is a virtual, but one day, when you look back to found that the people around me are strangers, because they will not benefit because of you, will not change because of your existence.