Chat and WeChat internal employees “blocked”

as the generally acknowledged star of mobile Internet, WeChat movements are in focus. Recently, some of the account is said to have had millions of fans of the micro letter is official micro letter, sealed very grievance, “submit to humiliation, dare not say” it caused a small stir in the industry, about a series of issues, such as micro letter commercialization has become the focus of attention.

These two days, the hunters cloud network small and micro letter internal staff talked a lot about the micro letter, relative to the official comments, he has his own opinion, there are some thoughts. Because the company has a regulation, the staff can’t say too much, but from some fragments, hunting cloud network can still find some valuable information.

a, channel is greater than the media influence

what is the most important value in micro letter? On this topic, the industry also has many points of view. I’m most concerned about, WeChat can include 10 weibo, the reason is that on the foundation of WeChat, selling newspapers can, can sell games, sell clothing footwear can also. And weibo is equivalent to WeChat just a channel, a media channels.

in fact is not a concept! This is where WeChat ambition no longer! Micro letter yes influence is not only reflected in he is a super media distribution channels, more important is the micro letter can be all-encompassing, the effect is a one-stop mobile lifestyle. This years advocate one-stop online life and tencent QQ.

tencent in the user’s mobile phone on dug a unbreakable channels, that is tencent in value. WeChat, can distribute everything!

2, micro letter commercialization will be phased

as Pony ma, WeChat seem to be commercialized, but WeChat commercialization is cautious, take small steps, a nest step.

this make product ideas and micro letter is the same, careful to make mistakes. WeChat commercialization must be dominated by myself, not the first to the development platform, WeChat must firmly hold commercial, to build an ecosystem, begin at the bottom have to assess the effects of commercialization.

but commercialization from the simplest and most easily the most easy to control the place to start. Such as games, has been shown to mature business model.

in micro letter each build a commercial operating environment, technology and operations would have to be in the background, all need to slowly.

so is to accumulate experience, progressive transformation.

3, product experience the highest

blocked account have wronged, but for micro letter. The user experience above all else. As a super platform, WeChat don’t lack of partner, not a lack of a third party. It is because the WeChat explosive force is too strong, so more should cherish from not good situation. Open platform is the function of cultivating popularity, tencent hope very much that every part of the open platform can enjoy the benefits of micro letter, but the premise must be, cannot destroy the user experience, cannot cause the user’s wall.

this is not only against a third party, as applicable for tencent home electrical products. You like QQ mailbox, there is no perfect solution to the problem of spam, but now is and WeChat through QQ mail, so can spam “fair” by WeChat annoy users, this is the need to solve.

why public accounts restrictions can only send a message every day, and for such consideration, users leave the micro letter because of harassment information, is one of the biggest sin!