Charles: video industry become the entry level resources

on July 29, sohu company announced the second quarter of 2013 unaudited financial statements, the second quarter record total, $339 million, compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 33%. Among them, the online advertising revenue was $146 million, compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 49%; Sogou revenue was $50 million, compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 64%; Online games business income of $168 million, compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 24%. Sohu CEO Charles zhang in sohu group building, for the first time accepted the new media, including hunting cloud network media group visit, he look good mood, because the data before the media, not only including sohu second-quarter earnings record, at the same time: advertising, sogou, video, games, four main business revenue and high innovation. Zhang for sohu video business development, adjustment of sogou sohu news client development and the future expectations, the video industry, as a source of “entrance”, sohu video will become a new profit growth point of sohu.

to outside rumors sohu video seeking to buy things, zhang said “less faith to buy it. In zhang’s view, the current sohu’s share price is lower, so can only use cash to buy, which is limited by certain. At the same time, although the m&a is to accelerate enterprise growth, but if the integration is not good will only backfire. Charles zhang said at the same time, acquisition usually is more expensive, takes a high cost.
Last week, sohu video adjustment, zhang himself as sohu video’s chief executive, why such a adjustments, zhang said the video industry for 7-8 years time, go today finally become the important resource and the “entry level”, “too important” for sohu. “So you have to group the company came up with all sorts of advantage, and mobilize military forces group, only I can come to mobilize.” Although the results did not reveal sohu video’s contribution, but zhang said sohu video performance of rapid growth, 78% more than last year.

at the same time, for video operations consume huge bandwidth cost, and high the content of the huge costs, zhang thinks, although the money lost the most malicious or video, but advertisers are very enthusiastic for video now, because they found that young Chinese eyes are rather than on the video on TV, monetization is also an autopilot. We hope we can become a profit growth point, sogou and video we profit center for a long time in the swim, but want to go down new train up business into a profit center, it is turning stage, sogou and video including sohu focus after real estate network will be our profit center.

search puzzle speculation continues to sogou is brewing a major action

zhang like sogou and video will be into sohu brand advertising, games, new profit growth after business center. Results show that the second quarter, released in sohu sogou on revenue of $50 million, up 64%; Close to half of the 2012 full-year revenue. Exclaimed industry growth. This is one of the reasons why zhang look good. CNZZ, according to data on June 24, sogou search market share of 10.50%, grew by 47% from a year earlier, compared with 2013 in the first quarter, the growth rate of 26%, and continue to increase. Also more optimistic about the future.

360 for its recent baidu sogou. Charles zhang said no comment. This ambiguity can’t help to extrapolate. While the market has a lot of rumors to sogou, but just as zhang in his microblog, sohu group nearly billion dollars in cash, don’t need to invest in order to do the video acquisition and sale of sogou, at the same time actively seek the combination of organic growth and strategic investment strategy. But zhang is rare naming sogou said at a conference in media communication, brand marketing do not good, or should do more.

mobile portal dispute: news expected to offer client

phone side entry represented by the APP, the entrance is also a kind of channels, including information resources, video, blog, social media, etc., it seems to zhang this is channel and content are relying on each other, also is the portal content of sohu for years and channel resources integration. WeChat is monopolistic entrance is a social aspect, at the same time based on WeChat circle of friends also gradually form the new content channels, sohu opportunities where, zhang pointed out that: sohu send force to news from the Angle of information to the client. When the client has the ability to distribute news have the function of entrance and commercialization ability, but now is still in the attempt and exploration.

in fact, the new content in the media channels, sohu has been in the lead, sohu news clients and the media platform was introduced in before and after the Spring Festival this year, now has nearly 600 since the media, at the same time, on July 19, sohu announced the sohu news client logged 300 million daily page views, in the media, more than 1000 total subscription amount of more than 600 million users.

Charles zhang said when asked the entrance, in addition to the traditional sense of the sogou, sohu and other products, the client will become new flow entrance to sohu news. “And in the press for the client, when you are ready to content, downloads a particularly big, has the ability of distribution, it has the function of the entrance.” Understands and according to hunt cloud network, in sohu interior, news client has been defined as the strategic level products, company news all resources to the client.