Charles: sohu video will wrestle the entrance

the author: Helen

according to sohu company yesterday announced the second quarter of 2013 unaudited financial statements, sohu revenues of $339 million in the second quarter, compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 33%; Net profit of $22 million, compared with the previous quarter fell 6%, up 100% from a year earlier. Among them, the online advertising revenue was $146 million, compared with 2012 with 49% growth period; Online games business income of $168 million, compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 24%; Sogou achieve revenue of $50 million, up 64% from a year earlier, increased by 27% than the previous quarter. Performance of sogou, close to half of the 2012 full-year revenue, has achieved 12 consecutive quarter in the compound growth rate of 23.8%.

was established 15 years, sohu portal business income of $100 million for the first time performance, this may let zhang mood complicated.

when it comes to now the competitive landscape, he said the Internet in the future the two most important battle field at the entrance and video, sohu is still have a chance.

“in sohu several business entrance is the strongest sogou, although the market share is now under various aspects, but still in advance to efforts to grow, because the base of sogou pinyin is big, can do some work in the entrance; And in the press for the client, when you are ready to content, downloads a particularly big, has the ability of distribution, it has the function of the entrance.”

he thinks, at present the sohu news client already lead in news, have a certain distribution ability, “but it also is one of the APP, or see below how we develop and turn it into an entrance.”

and video business, has become a top priority sohu. More than half a month ago, zhang new identity: sohu video acting CEO.

“because it is too much (video), cause we have to put a company group of superior forces with struggle, move troops group advantage can only let me move, to use all kinds of ability.” Charles zhang said, sohu video before want to copy sogou and swim independent development path, but now looks competitive need to focus on all the company energy to ascend, must be checked.

zhang last focus on business in 2010, when the sohu weibo “set up to get up early to catch the late”, sina robbed. The worry, this time zhang personally focus on video business whether there will be different?

reflection microblog business, zhang told reporters that sohu hope by white society do social media at the time, but I didn’t expect that the Chinese society for weibo hug very rapidly, for this pattern for all Internet companies have been hit a unprepared.

“sina weibo explosive growth, in particular, a lot of pressure to sohu, sohu emergency steering, as a proactive approach to sohu weibo. Actually, sohu weibo) started the practice of various aspects has already started to work, then I retreat in retirement, a lot of products, marketing didn’t go up.” Charles zhang said.

zhang believes that similar microblogging web products, such as the timing of the power is more important than “or the timing of the web1.5, monopoly, missed a few months may miss a lifetime, but more similar to 1.0 or 1.5 video mode, sohu started too late, unlike monopolistic micro letter so strong, allowing several exist at the same time, in addition, sohu video competitiveness lies in sohu understanding of the essence of video and sohu entertainment genes.

Since this year, according to the

zhang sohu video on TV drama, TV series and homemade play together. To invest one hundred million purchase of “Chinese good voice” as an example, through advertising has now been recover cost; And homemade drama “the dream silk male and” borrow patch before advertising has pay scale profit. This vertical portal sohu growth is a benefit from the advertising business, such as the rapid growth of the focus of the real estate business, 2 it is to benefit from the video advertising growth.

“I believe that the endogenous power, whether to buy or not buy.” Charles zhang said, oneself do not believe in merger and acquisition of it, still cautious about the current industry of m&a.

“mergers and acquisitions is the enterprise in a rapidly changing market in order to scramble and expansion make a choice, but the result of m&a is not a perfect, integration are many unsuccessful cases. Sohu shares lower, of course, lead to sohu cannot use stock, can only use cash to make industry mergers and acquisitions, limits the sohu in m&a strategy.” Charles zhang said.


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