Character night way: ma farewell micro letter to associate with “her”

hunting cloud network reported late on October 22nd

since ali internal demands ALL after ALL IN the mobile Internet and main contact, recently very lively. All friends out for pull in, for the lower level employees, into 100 peripheral friends is take a red envelope set requirements. This is not, even be shirtless, ma is he issued for the above requirements, must have to take the lead.

jack ma today said publicly on and three days later to say goodbye to the micro letter, said the fate already do, had to go to their children “and” nursing. The reason we all know, in the case of micro letter dominance, and this will play a challenger.

maybe someone laugh at product experience is very poor, and has a great gap between WeChat. Don’t think ma can’t see these problems, as it happens, he knows that. “We don’t expect the child to have the micro letter so have ambition, but we are looking forward to have more ambition, the child have personality, good learning. He and his brother today than there are gaps, but he is not to go beyond the elder brother, but make your own future.”

this could mean going back and forth is not the same as micro letter, will have their own characteristics, but also need time.

when it comes to waiting, now the current situation of renren should let Chen is “upset”, continued losses, wireless products, lack of progress, share prices depressed for a long time. The horror that spin-off games everyone again alone plans to list more and more far, perhaps someone has already can’t wait.

today on weibo about renren will be sold to baidu news spread. Is true or not, there is no identification, although Chen sing a books to deny, “everyone is analyst, fry to fry news first. Believe these rumours, fry a-share return!” But the problems behind the event or another reason, after all, there is no smoke without fire.

and there conspiracy theorists began to guess the news is all internal release. Why? Reason is that want to push up the shares of renren, explains that in addition to Chen, good at invest in stocks, part of the company development prospect of hopeless, so leaving empty options before a high price. True, it should be only Joseph Chen himself clear.

some sad someone “xi”. Tencent ma for China charity generous again recently, with 17 million full price for xu beihong precious works, the bidding a lot higher than that of 5 million. Why did he buy? Perhaps he is took a fancy to the picture of four horses, surnamed ma, after all, he himself very decree by destiny. Has been among the domestic technology’s richest man, he took an, move on.