CCTV 315 readers contribute 】 【 who feast?

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

another year to 315, this year have been exposed to the apple, Volkswagen, netease, week, Scott maps and android privacy issues. I didn’t evaluate the CCTV exposure of these companies have no opinion, because objectively speaking, the exposure of these enterprises there is a problem. But a normal 315 party, in order to protect consumers’ rights and interests of the people’s party, on the weibo for homework and leave a few hands of bo become a fire point, again became the focus of the network media and print media scramble to report, the prick silk catharsis is full of excuse, the party who feast?

a variety of media to attract attention and sell advertising tipping point

including netease was attacked, CCTV 315 supporting the sina, sohu and tencent, several major portal will be the topic of focus, all sorts of vertical media also the fastest broadcast the latest news, this is the power of the media. Media must to all-round three-dimensional hot rolling plus again and again, because you don’t, that he had been out of the mainstream media, and left behind, you explain your media value has outpaced the rate of the consumption we read, the Internet age, the focus is the influence.

but please don’t forget that the media are so bombarded broadcast on CCTV in 315, in addition to compete professionalism, timeliness and its value, there is a layer of meaning, that is the god of fortune telling themselves, in addition to you on CCTV 315 exposure, and may be we bring myself and get ready for advertising, overdue don’t wait. The purpose of this is the real media and their persistent strive for goals, not dirty, very practical. But netease’s very wronged, was reported, it seems what should the advertising a lot less, at least the shares tumbled.

weibo synonymous with celebrity to promote yourself or for others marketing

since tonight at 19:00 on weibo is more popular than ever, especially those who let us admire weibo celebrity, basic is two kinds of attitude, one kind is to promote their maverick attitude, such as has been made 2 have to renounce the homework; Another is undertakes to become others’ marketing tools, such as the recent comments on photos of addiction to keep a few hands:

Setting aside a few hands:

@ # 315 # apple in action, you earn enough money in China. Can your computer warranty period is two years in the United States, is a year in China; Your mobile phone in the United States after repair warranty recount, but not in China. Advocate fair us companies, why want to play the double standards in China? You stand on the event.

@ homework: 315 party than it hit nausea, apple also repair, sanlu milk powder victims someone tube? Week of gold content is 997.7 ‰, for a iron plating can sell when the pure gold of nationality is 997.7 ‰ more brilliant figures. 315 so dare to check milk cow force? Dare to look up the water? Dare to check the oil? Dare to look up sinopec? Dare to look up in the mobile? Like a not look up the net to get some scapegoat loading force.

however, compared with that of the above two he rundong weibo, tonight is destined to become a hot topic of crisis public relations, he at hair at first, and then tried to cover up is so low-level excuse, moments that make other teammates glistening naked in public. Is not afraid of god the same opponents, afraid of pigs as teammates.


network prick silk discontent mood excuse

315 service event is to help consumers? In addition to the famous people, also don’t look so the prick silk. Tainted milk powder, cooking oil, water pollution and so on, these are the netizen discontent, but in 315 the watchful eye of CCTV, and netizens again boiling prick silk, outrage, this is to belong to our own party. From this perspective, it is CCTV 315 stimulated us, let us have a boiling passion, a good vent and it is not an excuse to us, but our heart. Real network prick silk, dare to face to face with CCTV 315 report way, dare to face those policies have no language, because we are young, we are seized, oh!

it is CCTV 315 a year, we still awake at night, in the middle of the night the party let we are all very excited and “relief”.

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