Caution to bosses: singles Zhou Hongyi is better than both of you

【 contribute this paper cloud network readers hunting 】

god is fair, karma is stead fast, also is only a matter of time. What I said is 360 . Once, it relies on with tencent to small play big successful cases at home and abroad won the house down, and with it well told investors a “China’s Internet free safe mode” story, finally succeeded.

listed after the 360 well, field lines of business comprehensive attack, stock price has been rising, and Lao zhou also seems to be accustomed to pick things, things, and will play with the media at the palm between the rhythm.

however, Lao zhou seems to neglect, his former enemy still eyeing up, ready to in raids, and he constantly to build a new enemy. Then, when the old and new enemies become smart, established means of alliance to lay siege to Lao zhou, 360 days is not too easy.

and 360 is expensive for listed companies, the moral integrity, cheap things also is hard to sacrifice on the battlefield.

360 new enemy is sogou, but need not say oneself old enemy.

360 with sogou opposite in fact because of love, because sogou married tencent – 360 the old enemies. Then again, at that time, if the sogou marry is baidu, maybe 360 not so empty.

technology from the initial entangled with each other in court the end, all these steps with 3 q war, therefore, we in fact don’t count on each other between them can bring about what kind of flower, because this is just a means of both table position, that’s all.

but it is worth noting that 360 moment come up to a lot of enemies, multiple lines of business all-round, and come out is not Zhou Hongyi former enemy sniper is before the enemy, anyway is the enemy, they are all in their field of 360 the public siege. Many people say that there will be a catch in it somewhere, but I also believe, anyway, believe it or not, at least I believed.

of millet, lei jun says 360 phone assistant in without any reason, recommend that users uninstall millet shops and other software pre-installed. Thus, millet company announced in its app store all the shelves 360 products.

robin li, baidu, according to 360 phone guard to uninstall baidu map products such as behavior, of qihoo 360 filed a lawsuit according to law, and reserves the right to further liability. Grandiose also calls for an immediate stop the illegal act. The 9 on 23 day of Internet security during the assembly, baidu security alliance is said by 360 containment, threatened to quit the Internet security conference.

Fu Cheng golden hill network, always struggle in beat 360 . But stem directly from a golden hill doesn’t have 360 product ability, so Fu Cheng personally, launched against being bombarded by Zhou Hongyi: first, in the media statement 360 strong advantageous to jinshan, but man don’t overly inflated, then rehash said 3 q war broke out the inner fear too. In the end, and is said to have invited so many industry refers to Zhou Hongyi fountain pen gun, whether right or wrong, anyway, the Lao zhou jie upside down.

as for ma huateng of tencent, 9 on 23 day Internet security conference on that day, tencent’s QQ browser called 360 phone guard malicious tips QQ browser pose a safety hazard. The next day, there is noting for media 360 mobile browser to reveal the user account password… It should be sure there is no link!

at this moment, you will find that, both in terms of safety, the browser or mobile Internet, 360 has been through, and this is just the area of a rotation.

the siege warfare can not help but let a person remember three years ago the first client punch-up.

at the time, in addition to starring tencent, also in jinshan, cattle, roam, five companies such as baidu, sogou, the alliance announced will no longer be compatible with , at the same time, also bullish rebuke 360 China’s largest Internet security lies .

it isn’t worth to go into the past, but, after three years of today, 360 already listed, value into the Chinese Internet the first three, but we can also find what you were union?

can cow is in?


has already changed the sogou, now that choose, giants, it be better to do your own mistress, province not tencent husband’s favour and become unhappy, depressed again isn’t that more do more harm than good.