[American educational concept] 2

Second, education is the pillars of the country and society. The United States and the U.S. government think that the United States is like a building that supports the building with three pillars. One is the government, and the U.S. government is divided into four levels: the federal government, the state government, and the county government (some are translated into “counties The concept of the U.S. government includes the three powers of administration, legislation and judicature. Usually, the three rights that we call the separation of powers belong to the government. As a country, a society can not become a state and a society without a government. The second is religion. Among the Americans, there are statistics that 9 of 10 people are religious and 1 is also religious. Among them, Christian Protestantism accounts for 57%, Catholicism 28%, Judaism 2%, and other religions , Believing in Protestant Protestantism, the United States being a country ruled by the rule of law and rule of the gods, and implementing the religious policy of separation of religion fromism and freedom of religion. Third, education, the United States complete educational system, sound system, each state has its own characteristics. In particular, there are nearly 4,000 different types of universities, private, public and ecclesiastical; the education of thirteen colonies has its own characteristics and scale before the birth of the United States of America; therefore, American education is naturally born Independence. Some people have commented on the university spirit that American universities adhere to: the university spirit that American universities adhere to is to make the university a place where human civilization can be preserved, become the place where wise men are trained, become the best school for the transmission of human spiritual resources and knowledge, and become A melting pot of ideas with independent character, full of creativity and innovation, has become a spiritual home that rejects vulgarity, upholds integrity and strives to use social ideology and spirit to call for social conscience and guide the society to move forward. As American education has become a unique and indispensable force in the United States and in the United States, the United States government and people all think that education has in fact become one of the three pillars of the country and society.

[American educational concept]

The United States is a big educational country and also an educational power and an American educational concept. It is a very complicated issue to discuss education in the United States. Since the United States is a culturally diverse country, it is reflected in its education and the education in the United States is diverse. The United States does not yet have a unified national education system. Fifty states have 50 different states Education system. In my opinion, what kind of educational practice and education system can a country and society have in its mainstream educational philosophy? There are many reasons that influence American education and form the education system and education pattern in the United States today. However, I think the most influential factor in American education is the educational concept. This notion of education is not just the theoretical system of education or educational theorists on education, nor is it written on paper or on paper, but is accepted by all the people in the United States government, political parties and the whole society The educational philosophy to be followed is something that goes deep into the minds of almost all people and is characterized by its extensiveness, depth and practicality.

First, education is a kind of faith. The Americans believe that no matter what position a person is in, there are two things that must be done and are accompanied by a lifetime of education and new religion. Education is parallel to religion and education is as important as religion. Americans attach importance to education and reach the same pious realm as religion. In 1620, the first European immigrants arrived in the Americas with the ship “Mayflower,” ashore now at Plymouth in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, a number of “1620” written on a stone at the time of going ashore is a memorial to this major event. At that time, the immigrants lived an arduous life. However, since 1620, the immigrants founded schools and teaching at the same time and founded Harvard University in 1636. Therefore, Harvard University teachers and students are very proud to say that the United States can not do anything , First Harvard, then the United States. Everywhere after Europe immigrated to the Americas, we must first do three things: first, to build a church. Most of these immigrants are Protestants who were persecuted by European religions. Building a church is one of the first things to be done. They think that there are The church, the spirit of the people have a destination, people have spiritual home. The second is to build schools. They think that schools are the source of enlightenment and the only way for a man to move from savage to civilized. Education can eliminate many malpractices in many humanities. Third, it is a post office building a bridge linking the outside world. In the past, the post office was an advantageous tool for people to contact the outside world and know the outside world. This idea has been deeply rooted in the people for a century and a half before the birth of the United States. Education and religion are also beliefs that have a very significant impact on education in the United States. Therefore, the understanding of the government and the people about education is not an activity that is carried out as a purely utilitarian purpose. People have a Religious piety.

Niubi’s educational philosophy has arrived but four words

Eleven participated in Tokyo rattan kindergarten sharing sessions, plus the usual graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences on the development of children’s education, so many children’s education courses read down, the biggest feeling is that every Chinese parents are unhappy Childhood, so all in the fight to study the global concept of education, hoping to give children the best education. However, again Niubi’s educational philosophy, bluntly arrived but four words, to put it bluntly four words:

Say! pass! body! teach!

However, it seems that not many parents think of these four words.

Parents of our generation, who fight for their children to buy and buy, want to give him the best things in the world, even a piece of soap, a bottle of shower gel. Furthermore, we dare to study, learn child care education, spent tens of thousands a year to the early childhood education center parent-child swimming pool. I used to be such a mom. I bought a box of boxes of toys, one more than one luxury, one bigger than the other, but the children lost most of their interest after spending a few days. At this time, I found out that he likes to play with my cell phone.

why? Because the phone will shine it? Because the phone looks fun? Acoustic optoelectronic toys which is not fun than the phone?

The answer is very simple, because when I was with him, always sitting on his side while playing mobile phones; feeding time, one hand to take the bottle with a mobile phone; sleep to sleep, he lying on my shoulder, I single-handedly holding him play cell phone. For eight months, he was naturally interested in watching me play a tile. He loves everyone’s cell phone, including a stranger’s cell phone in the elevator, and wants to reach for it when he sees it.

I was wondering if he’d read a book in his hand as soon as he was born, and he would not like to draw a picture now. A ready book cover full of books and a variety of friends to send expensive children’s books, one have never opened, bought from the United States a hundred dollars a book, I thought he would like, But that is, turn a few times and then thrown to the corner. There is nothing comparable to the excitement every time he sees my cellphone, and the screen can be drawn with your fingers without teaching.

I suddenly realized that children’s imitation ability beyond my imagination. I always thought he was too young, what education is too early, he let me see people from birth to every step of development and change. Everything is so fast.

Many people in the sharing group at night shared their experiences. Some people say that Montessori has made a big difference. Some people say how much Talent regards talent. Some people say that international schools are the best choice. Some people say that the most basic education in public schools solid. However, while all education experts are saying that family education is the most important, it seems that every parent thinks his home is very happy and does not have any problems. School education plays a decisive role.

But recalling my childhood education, those who directly attack their own character growth are all from the family. I can hardly remember what teacher has hit me to make me become like. For example, when my family said I was singing and running, I never heard songs from the age of five or six. For example, my relatives always made me joke at the party that made me embarrassed that I now have difficulty in participating in group activities. I think perfect family education does not mean just being happy and happy with three people and one family. For example, I often teach children in all kinds of courses, if the teacher to stay homework, 90% of people are copying each other (I too), or bought a class late class (I too). Parents are like this, children can not copy it? How many parents read books everyday, can children like to read books? Parents are idle all right watching television to buy buy, on what basis requires children to study well. Think of these, it shudders.

I always remember one of my boss’s little things.

My boss is a particularly overbearing man, I first saw him feel very scared, like a triad. I am his assistant, so I took it for granted that I should do some work. But every time, he is very polite and polite to say thank you. He said thank you once, I shuddered once, feeling that I was not doing well enough to make him so polite, is not it my job? Thanks to thank you? Once I could not bear to say to him: “Boss, do not thank, too kind, scary.” The boss said: “I am a child, I want to lead by example.” Later, I never refused Thank you, though I still not used to it.

It was a very small affair, when I had no children, but reminded me of what it means to lead by example. Lead by example is not installed, not in the presence of children into another look. To lead by example is a habit, a routine, a thing that people can see but do not mind. If you lost something good and adult as an adult, get yourself back as much as you can. Not come back for a while, but always come back.

Eight educational concepts parents must understand 6、7、8

Six, let the children have their own like things

While educating children’s intelligence, parents should not neglect their cultivation of non-intelligence. They should make the younger generation have lofty goals, extensive interests, warm feelings, strong will and independent character.

The happiest thing is to let him like one thing, even if it is flowers, raising small animals, so spare time, energy has been pinned. Every child, in the family, at school should make him a hobby. What is the best? Now the best score, others are losers. In fact, the children learn too hard, and some have a lifetime of knowledge, what is the value? Education should let the children have their own favorite things, that he even if admitted to the University, can not take the brand name, there will be health Life, happy life. Different children have different values. Fudan that suicide graduate what value? Many talented people, they did not accept the formal university education. But what they learned during their growth, such as kindness and diligence, far surpassed that of the university. Each child can have a different path of growth, so that he likes the same, will affect the quality of life of children’s lives. It is important whether one’s spiritual life is happy or not.

Seven, let reading become a child’s way of life

Reading, children purify the soul, sublimation personality is a very important way. For children’s growth, the main task is to study. But nowadays students rarely study unless they read textbooks. Any child who studies a lot of books, in general, must have an open spiritual field and its spirit must be fulfilled. His ambition is bound to be lofty and its pursuit is bound to be persistent. A person’s spiritual history, is the history of this person’s book.

Reading is the most important aspect of human growth. Those nations with a strong vitality in the world must be people who love reading, such as Jews. In modern history, the three greatest people come from the Jewish nation. Marx transformed human’s view of society by materialist dialectics. Einstein established a brand new cosmology with the theory of relativity. Freud used psychoanalysis to get a more accurate understanding itself. Forty percent of the world’s rich are Jews. The Nobel Prize winners are also the most Jewish. Their attitude toward reading is almost religious. When a child has just given birth, he paints it with honey and licks the child, meaning that he can read books sweetly. They also must never allow the book to step on their feet. Each of them has an average of 60 books a year, with only 5 per capita in China. A person who is not reading is not far away. Whether studying with him is a university graduate has nothing to do, the book is a real university, is the paradise for spiritual growth.

Quiet to Zhiyuan. People who study are not necessarily rich, but he may be a rich man.

Eight, let the diary with children grow

Diary is a good habit. By writing a diary, you can make your child summarize and deepen his / her thinking about your study and life. They can exercise their ability to observe life and their ability to drive a language and improve their writing skills. They can let their children talk about their emotions and adjust their emotions ; Can cultivate his independent personality and ability to handle things independently; can exercise his will, broaden his mind, purify his soul. Not only children write, write teachers, parents can write, there are many successful examples. Some even completely changed the status of a child, a parent, and a school. Because you want to write wonderful, you have to live wonderful, wonderful.

It is a common fact that, just because parents feel they are not geniuses, they particularly expect their children to be geniuses. A proposition is certainly correct, as long as parents and children grow together, although we are not genius, but we can become a genius parents

Eight educational concepts parents must understand 4、5

Fourth, the childhood back to children

We often feeling: children now have no childhood, no happiness. There is no good time as long as you go to school. Before entering the kindergarten, parents with many dreams, let the children play the piano, drawing, singing, dancing … Into the school, into the examination circle, many parents to withdraw from the previous game. Of course, learning is not to give children happiness, but sustenance of many fantasies. Gradually, the reality of their dreams to break, to junior high school, those beautiful fantasy hobby will be cut to death. The rest is “bitter”. As the children said: “The earliest is me, sleep the most is me, the most bitter is me, the most tired of me, is me, is me, or me.” Yes, every morning Hurry to rush on the road is a child, the lights out every night or the latest child (and possibly mahjong). Now the children are really bitter than the peasants! They do not enjoy the happiness they deserve!

Happiness is an experience, enjoy the happiness of education, this is a realm of education. Asked the child happy? The answer is no. May Confucius “On the Book of Confucianism,” the first said: learning and learning, enjoy it! Learning should be happy ah. Why not allow children to learn in games, activities and play? Why is it called learning in the study? Our parents, we should pay attention to children’s psychological happiness index! Do not let Fan Jin reappear!

Five, unlimited belief in the potential of children’s development

1, Appreciation leads to success, Complaints lead to failure. Let’s start with boys and girls. The toys we give girls are like dolls, and the toys for boys are often models, and they are active. That contains the hope that we girls gentle, quiet, hope the boy brave, lively meaning. The result of a girl fight will be a bitter training: Now it’s crazy, how to do it later? The result of a boy fight is being appreciated: a naughty child is smart. Children grow up, people say: girls to high school will not work, boys to high school just fine. To know that lies repeat thousands of times into truth. Girls are implied by the “no”, boys are implied by the “line”, which gives them a different state, so as I wrote in “enjoy happiness”: “Say you, you will go , If you can not do it, you will not do it or you will not do it. “If you want to have children, you should cherish every chance of their children’s growth, appreciate their growth and appreciate their words and deeds. If you want children not , Then complain, blame them.

2, the child’s potential is always greater than what has been achieved. Research in modern science has long proved that human potential is great. Can Zhou Zhou, a disabled person, also become a great conductor? Zhou Ting, a deaf girl who grew up as a top student at a famous American university, is the masterpiece of his father Zhou Hong’s appreciation of education. Let us believe in the potential of children’s development unlimited!