Micro for open beta account for up to three days millions of daily average 10 times boot volume growth

at 10:00 am on November 1 (Friday), formally opened to the public beta cell phone taobao announced its public accounts platform, tao, and open to outside vendors, talent taobao 320 million on the wireless end user data and resources. The opening of the account number until now, the tao is close to 1 million, at the same time, the platform brings to the merchants directly lead to clinch a deal amount increased more than 10 times compared with before the public beta.

according to the tao, the official said in public beta open registration after only 1 hour in the day, with 500000 people crowded into the tao home page (we.taobao.com), with 368000 successful registration account. In these new accounts, the market the seller’s account number accounted for 80%, talent agency opened account number accounted for 16%, and in the closed beta period has covered more Tmall sellers, new accounts for 4%.

micro tao, head of the operating knife, according to public beta micro tao first task is to lead businesses after proper use of the platform, and comprehensively through phone taobao taobao and PC end, give the account operators more show.

on the eve of micro for open beta, ali group identified the PC love tao with the mobile phone micro clean out the thinking of “fit”, and promised to get through PC taobao host, such as platform, to open the micro tao account merchants more traffic and display space. Reporters found that the tao has been gradually after the open beta to live up to its promise. In taobao, not far from the mouse drag down the location of the home page, can be found in taobao home page on the right side of dynamic 】 【 micro tao columns. Here, the user will focus on micro tao account dynamic update, at the same time can also click on the “go to square” see more micro for real-time dynamic information to the account.

and micro for open beta embodied in the PC after another big change is that business shop during has opened the new account on the home page, increased focus on our micro tao 】 【 button, users only need to direct the use of mobile phones, taobao qr code, you can focus on the shop of tao account. The move, but also to help the seller to transfer the PC users and fans to the merchant’s micro tao account.

in the client mobile phone taobao, has strengthened the micro for accounts of foreign merchants association and show the way. If the seller has opened new accounts, then enter into his mobile phone shops, the homepage which appear obvious logo, store the tao 】 【 can direct the user attention after click on the account. In mobile phone shop baby details page, the details of the above goods, also has the obvious mark into micro tao 】 【 guide users focus on micro accounts. At the same time, the micro tao news to share in the dynamic path which has been through.

“than account number soared even more exciting news, we found that in micro clean out the next day, after the open beta platform daily direct gains over 10 times” clinch a deal amount. Micro tao, head of operations “knife”, said the radio dealer era brings to the merchants a better opportunity to future micro tao platform will give account operators more tools that can be used, and further open all kinds of data resources, to help businesses and talent better manage, maintain old customer and fan, and micro tao into business marketing center.

in the upcoming 11.11 shopping “carnival” to business marketing effect, the tao will also further enhance, the knife is expected, 11.11 the day will have more than 60 million users access to mobile phone taobao micro channel, at the same time the platform guide the turnover is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan in a single day.

Microsoft Windows Phone emerged in Europe

according to market-research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech latest data, the third quarter of 2013 under the unremitting efforts of nokia, Windows Phone market right now is all the way walk good. In Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the top five European markets, Windows Phone almost 1/10 of the market share. And particularly in Italy, sales are even more than iOS.

in selling mobile Phone business, Windows Phone in the European market that is expanding rapidly. According to Kantar research analysis, Windows Phone this good prices can almost “to” nokia’s sale. March, June, July and August this year with Windows Phone system of smartphones in the European five big market account for 9.2% of sales.

in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America, nokia’s development momentum is to be reckoned with. Nokia has influence in the region for a long time, most consumers almost all had a nokia classic. According to Kantar analysis, in the region to promote entry-level the company smartphone, will be very feasible and effective.

see each market situation on the UK market, Android is still high, with 58.4% of the share occupied suzerainty. Windows Phone, orderly growth reached 11.4% market share. While power is slightly less than the iOS accounted for only 27% of market share, a one percent drop in the past. But Kantar thinks, during the Christmas season, with apple’s new iPhone, the market share of iOS will usher in a strong rebound.

in the Chinese market, with the local brands gradually rise, the overseas brand is no longer the only superpower.

Android sword kuo to blew a 81.1% market share, up from 14.6% last year for. Among them, in the third quarter, with Android domestic smartphones accounted for 44%, compared with 30% last year is also a significant growth. Kantar analysis shows that, lenovo, huawei, millet and cool is because of its good cost performance, small and medium-sized cities in China are favored, popularity once more than international brands.

Kantar strategy director Dominic Sunnebo said:

the Chinese consumers have ability to afford a high quality smart phones, and also willing to splash out. Data show that some people are even willing to spend 70% of monthly income to buy a new smart devices. At the same time of high investment, Chinese consumers also want to buy mobile phones can value. Therefore, in the high ratio of performance between the local brands and low ratio of international brands, must surely give priority to price factors.

the following is an excerpt from Kantar, analyze data, mainly introduced to many countries in the market, the market share of each major operating systems.


Twitter IPO market popularity, conveniently to raise price

according to insiders, Twitter’s IPO (initial public offering), interested participants.

in the same way, according to people familiar with the “personal view”, to participate in the IPO of the bank on Twitter is of great interest, IPO investors. Before the order after the roadshow, investment Banks, the stock of the Twitter is already subscribed by investors.

you can see from the filing, Twitter is now expected to issue 7000 shares, issue price $17 to 20.

Twitter is expected on November 6th shares and start trading on the next day. But in front of the public Twitter may have more market demand increment or raise prices. Chief executive Dick Costolo meet investors in big cities is the United States, and in order to better start.

asset Management institutions Greencrest Capital Management LLC, an analyst at Santosh Rao says, “Twitter low price is just at the beginning in order to attract the attention of investors.” , he said, with reference to previous Facebook, Twitter is likely to be a price increase. Gabriel Stricker Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

the Twitter launched IPO is expected to raise 1.4 billion. Record, according to bloomberg, in May 2012, Facebook IPO raised 16 billion, its highest level in that time Internet IPO record.

last week, Twitter held two roadshow. According to people familiar with the matter, although the CEO Costolo and his staff are no idea how to make Twitter can realize the balance of payments, Twitter the IPO or by a certain attention, has caused considerable interest. The current market situation comprehensively, Twitter’s estimated market value of 10.9 billion.

in the United States, the company in front of the public generally take 1-2 weeks to communicate with investors to interview. Investment agreement shares during this period. IPO companies before being traded, according to the market subscribe to finally determine the IPO price.

Goldman sachs to become the main force of the IPO, the participants also including Morgan Stanley and jpmorgan chase.


Update: the latest news, according to, Twitter announced its IPO price range up to $23 to $25 per share, making it the IPO financing amount up to $1.75 billion.

Inventory: the company after 2520, what will bring in “feast”?

golden autumn in October, uniform reforming of nokia as we presented a lot of joy. A flagship phones, nokia’s first Windows RT 10.1 -inch tablets, a domestic smartphone for low-end market, of course, has been popular. However, in this the Air, the Nexus of 5 a wave after launch, recently the media that nokia will be launching a 8 inch tablet early next year.

we can not help but ask, after the company 2520, in will also bring loyal fans who worth looking forward to the new product?

8 inches the company flat?

recently, revealed a great god in his Twitter, points out that nokia will be early next year to highlight a 8 inch size of the company tablet. It is reported, this tablet products, code-named “the Illusionist” (visionary or magician) tablets will pick up the latest Windows RT 8.1 operating system and a processor from qualcomm. , these people said although the device from the appearance and the company 2520 difference is not big, but 8 inch screen is the most prominent difference. Given that Microsoft will be completed in the spring of 2014 to nokia’s acquisition, the device may also can be regarded as a Microsoft to the transformation of the “small screen” hint. Had the media revealed that Microsoft will early next year to launch a “Surface mini” called 7.5 inches (or miniature Surface) tablets.

929: the company is a nokia “flagship”

earlier, the media exposure of the company 929 mobile spy and configuration. It is reported, this device will be after the company 1520, nokia launched one of the top with “cell phone. The media exposure of the company’s specific parameters are as follows:

5 “AMOLED screen, 1080 p resolution;

2.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core Xiao dragon 800 processor;

2 gb of RAM, 32 gb of storage space (it was not clear whether the 64 gb version);

20 million pixels pure camera, dual LED flash.

525, the company uphold good strategy of the company 520 low-end

Adduplex market research company, points out that nokia can reach 8.8 million sales performance, to a large extent depends on the. It is understood that the company is the most popular in the WP 520 phones, market share of 23% (WP).

pricing and positioning is similar to the company 520 of the company 520 is likely to continue the good market movements. The mobile phone of the low-end market will pick up qualcomm dual-core processor, 1 gb of RAM, 5 million megapixel camera.

the company smart watches?

at the moment we aren’t sure whether there is the device, but recently the media about once again aroused the attention of people.

war was kicked off by wearable devices, nokia also after a takeover by Microsoft is likely to become a Microsoft smart watch manufacturer.

MOTOROLA’s confirmation will be released on November 13th, Moto G

after have been frequent media exposure of the finally obtained the official confirmation message. It is reported that yesterday MOTOROLA for a new generation of mobile phones, and revealed that the device will be released on November 13.

however, the above site in addition to an animation with a watch live registered window, did not reveal more details about Moto G. From the animation in the centre of the site is open, a spinning of the earth’s landscape is always appear a big M logo. Analysts believe that which seems to indicate that MOTOROLA wants to conquer the world with its products of ambition. After some media reported that Moto G will serve as a cheap version of the Moto X more countries outside North America.

in addition, it is said that Moto G model sells for $215.

according to the current media exposure, according to Moto G may configuration is as follows:

4.5 inch screen, 720 p resolution;

1.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core processors;

1 gbram, 8/16 gb storage space;

5 million pixels main camera, 1.3 million front-facing camera;

with Android 4.3 system;

support bluetooth 4.0.