Catch in it somewhere! War on the eve of the departure, head of jingdong POP platform

tencent technology, jingdong 616 coming, jingdong, senior vice President of Cheng Junyi has to apply for leave, it is responsible for the POP open platform department temporarily by the vice President of jingdong Kate kui job rotation. This also means that the earlier this year after shou-chuan zhang is the hillock, jingdong POP head change again.

it is known that Cheng Junyi join jingdong in July 2011, jingdong Marketing Department who is responsible for the management, and served as senior vice President. Early January jingdong mall announced the launch of a system of executive job rotation, training in rotation. Cheng Junyi as rotational training executives, one of the first companies, is transferred POP open platform, head of the department. Back in jingdong mall frank xu lei, President of marketing, senior vice President, responsible for group marketing related business. Duo to the company’s chief marketing officer of a former lenovo manager report.

POP open platform business has become jingdong do large and important means to obtain revenue. Jingdong, said CEO Liu Jiangceng POP platform true power is in the second half of this year, appeared as Asia no. 1, introduce the product of high grade sellers to jingdong logistics system, the seller only need to do a good job in brand is enough, logistics rush to jingdong solution. Jingdong can provide with Tmall different services.

at the beginning Cheng Junyi modulated hillock, had a view, Cheng Junyi is responsible for the marketing before, feel stronger on promotion. Open platform was practicing internal strength, investment promotion and service, now Cheng Junyi responsible for open platform, will turn jingdong open platform for power amplifier, manifests the jingdong commitment to open platform.

another voice notes that Cheng Junyi adjustable duty in fact is liu dissatisfied with it. And also a former lenovo manager within the jingdong is considered to be “opponent an inferior good,” Cheng Junyi adjustable duty responsible for open platform business, is still a report to a former lenovo manager, can explain human do its use, but in a way that, during the course of routine is responsible for the market did not achieve the expected liu.

however, from shou-chuan zhang, Cheng Junyi successively and leave also can see jingdong POP open platform is responsible business is not so good, even development is also faced with challenges. Jingdong confirm Cheng Junyi official now apply for leave, but did not say who replace Cheng Junyi this specific business.

source: tencent technology jian-ping lei