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How to Buy the Best Table Saw

While a table saw is one of the most important tools you need in your carpentry workstation, it also happen to be costly and hence need to do a little research before investing in one. You would not only need to focus on the money you invest in a table saw but also the features the table saw has to offer. it would therefore be essential to make sure that you have a checklist you would use towards purchasing a table saw that will serve all your needs. It would be essential to note that your imaginations of a productive table saw may not be more important as what a standard table saw would need. It would be essential to stick to the checklist with the intention of going for the best table saw for the best.

You would need to start by understanding there are three types of table saws before you start your search. Cabinet saws tend to be the heaviest and the largest types of table saws. It tends to be the biggest and also tends to be the heaviest. You would need to know that a cabinet saw comes with a heavy cast iron table which tends to be machined to a smooth surface. The cabinet saw table tends to come with a motor enclosed within the cabinet beneath the saw table. You may consider this type of table saw if you need a precise heavy type of table saw.

A contractor’s table saw may be another option you would need to consider depending on your needs. It tends to be portable and hence good when it comes to carrying it around to a job site. The motor of a contractor’s saw tends to be mounted on the on the outside of the table saw in question. You would need to know about a hybrid saw that tends to combine both the contractor’s saw and the cabinet saw.

Among the requirements you would need to check include the voltage. You would need to know that most cabinets tend to utilize 220 volt electricity while most contractor’s saws tend to use 110-volt power.

You would also need to remember that cabinet saw tables tend to come with a finely machined cast iron. Others tend to come with extension wings built from aluminum with part of them made of cast iron. The fence of a table saw is also an essence to check for. You would also need to investigate more about what a table has to offer in terms of miter gauge. It may also be wise to check the safety features that come with a table saw you plan to purchase.

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