Can’t call the iphone 5: the new iPod Touch listing 16 g version for $299

a new generation, the sixth generation iPod Touch quietly appeared in apple’s online store. 16 gb version, which costs $299, official website has accepted to book and ship in one day.

iPod Touch general nicknamed “iPhone” no phone functions. The new iPod Touch has just like the iphone 5 4 inch Retina screen. Additionally equipped with high-resolution HD front-facing camera for Facetime video chat, dual-core A5 chip. As thin 6.1 mm fuselage and generation. In addition to no communication module, a new generation of iPod touch no rear camera (first generation).

a generation iPod Touch 32 G and 64 G version is still for sale.

don’t know before apple WWDC quietly launched the new iPod touch what is intention… Apple will almost certainly at the WWDC announced new ios 7, this time to launch new ios 6 Touch, murphy and 7 not to give the new ios Touch with?

to start with friends still wait, wait until WWDC dust settles. WWDC may publish cheap iPhone oh can () call.