Can do anything in the amazon to sell fresh food

I have now become more and more close to amazon for us to build the “utopia” of the world, there, never leave home can finish all the things we want to do. You can look at “DORA the explorer,” while waiting for you to order the bulbs, door-to-door delivery within 24 hours. Don’t try so hard, the amazon’s world far more than these services. According to Reuters, soon after, we will be able to order all kinds of fresh food from amazon (which is considered to be in competition with

Reuters noted that Amazon is expanding in Seattle, Amazon Fresh transport flight range. The second half of this year, will be extended to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Predicts 2014, amazon’s transport flight “territory” will be extended to other 20 countries.

will be broke out a war! We will see how AmazonFresh challenge FreshDirect (translation note: the online grocer FreshDirect, a New York, was a great success, has a strong customer tracking service system), and rob, carve up the market in New York. But a group calling itself “supermarket analyst said,” in the amazon, may make the food industry complex tangle. The grocery industry is saturated, “blood” for cutting price competition has intensified. Amazon deployment in the industry, it is very could only “monkey take a place”. Although knowing that will “burn money”, can hold the amazon “deep pockets”, “east wall down to” also can yet be regarded as a kind of offensive strategy. But the analysts pointed out that the practice will be very bad influence on the food industry, the prospects are grim.

however, bezos has always believed in the “phoenix nirvana, nothing down, nothing up” the concept of development, and it is also the future.