Can be embedded on third party sites sets a photo/video!

sets a today released a new feature, allows the user to a third party web site embedded from them photos and video, no need to use third-party plug-in service. But unfortunately, this function only for web version sets a .

if you want the them content to your blog or website, takes a photograph or video on the share button, will generate a piece of code, and it in the YouTube website as simple embedded code, what you like to go to any web page.

although there have been a part of the user to be able to use the embedded function, but the them continues to perfect the function. Need to stress is that only by the user as the content of the public can be Shared. In addition, each are embedded in other web site will be played on the distributor’s name and the content of the them logo, at the same time, and the number of people like and evaluation.

at the moment, can upload pictures of size , but you can adjust the code, to to achieve the size you need.

sets a said, embedding function has become one of the biggest function of demand . But strangely, it took them so long to launch it. Twitter and Vine have this function, makes the embedded more simple. Recently, I asked my friend why is in Vine rather than them find a video, the answer is them on the loading speed is too slow.

the emergence of the news from them short online video function is enough for a month. Sets the official said that users have already Shared so far 160 picture, every month have 1.3 billion users are using the service.


xiao yun also to try this function, the embedded beauty video Wolf, wow ha ha ha: