Buy electricity site of winter approaching, evolution OR death

13 June hunting cloud network (editor: ‘)

the last two years by beauty said, mushroom street mall shoppers website, just a online quickly go hot and attract to several rounds of financing, and at that time, up to hundreds of imitation site. However, it seems to still can’t get out of the Chinese wind “curse”, although the high summer season, but these sites have been feeling the cold “steep”.

a, problem, for example


let’s look at the site for the problems:

1, beauty said: regardless of the internal executive online job on suspicion of bribery and the contents of the internal management confusion, beautiful said web side after traffic peak in March 2012, visits have been falling, recent data, in a year low, roughly about back in September 2011.

2, LC style net capital chain under emergency circumstances but chose to sell, sell for as little as 7.58 million yuan. According to one of the founders of the horse, according to the most crisis time, the team only left 15 people, almost once the personal housing mortgage thought the company operation.

3, founded by white crow “shopping” in the online after just a few months time, there is news that the team has carried on the massive job cuts, a founder has run away.

the above is only part of the case in this field, there are many dying needle. After the initial rapid development, why buy electricity website began to appear collective dilemma?

2, cause analysis

of course, the stand or fall of a company’s operating, is closely related with the leadership decision-making and the internal management and execution, though sometimes the role played by the subjective factor seems to be bigger, but here, don’t do one by one, but the reason analysis from the whole peripheral environment changes.

1, ali policy adjustment: beauty said, mushroom, street site is dependent on taobao platform, with growing, have gradually become “upstream” taobao flow trend. In the amount of $3 billion into 2012, mushroom, street, beautiful said Google accounted for 21%, from taobao is divided into more than 600 million yuan.

the result to the benefit of the ali, there have been reports in May last year or so, ma made it clear internally, don’t buy support upstream site continue to do big, ali’s traffic entrance should be grasslands rather than forests. Subsequently, taobao began to adjust the goods port calls, and start cooperation with more vertical website, the purpose is to limit the dominance of problem, make more balanced development. So can’t understand, beauty say the low flow direction gradually.

all in all, Google for electricity dependent, both the advantage of the cool, with his back leaning against a big tree is electricity or marginal risk and uncertainty.

2, the promotion of high cost: buy electricity website because neither the established flow moat, mature companies such as baidu also lack douban community web sites such as the strong stickiness, business model relies heavily on foreign traffic, making it difficult to get rid of the huge promotion costs. Mushroom street or beauty said, every month need to put a lot of online advertising. The essence or burn money game, however, the advertising after user traffic increased, stop immediately after the fall. Under competition, beauty said, mushroom street are dependent on VC funding.

3, electric business platform trend: after 2011 domestic electricity before and after the fever, industry began to enter the knockout, a large number of small and medium-sized electricity gradually collapse after the capital chain rupture, sell or contraction, electric business platform trend is more obvious, such as ali, jingdong, suning, tencent electric business giants such as advantage began to reflect.

this way, online users and traffic gradually to this a few big platform together. For buy electric business site, peripheral cooperation filtering to reduce, living space narrow gradually.

3, outlet

electricity shuffle or will cause a negative loop: a few user electricity monopoly resources – provide passive shopping environment – drop users shopping experience, reduce the turnover rate rise – order conversion – increases the user cost of.

according to the above logic, buy electricity the value of the site will still exist for a long time, how to find suitable for own development in the limited space of? Thinking is now available for reference refactoring media properties.

prior to that, in the popular mind, beauty, and said, mushroom street website mainly popular products for center of gravity to attract people have common hobbies are discussed, recommend, is more of a community atmosphere. Although has certain media properties, but it is not obvious.

community-based e-commerce sites to achieve long-term development, still have to continue to innovate and depth excavation user requirements, deepen the render content, strengthen the media properties, precipitation for their users, the user and not just as a traffic entrance.

so, buy electricity website can direct docking with the brand manufacturers, with products and content integration, and through the activities, improve conversion rate and obtain higher into, get rid of the dependence on big electric business platform.

now, part of the community has the exploration in this aspect. Love content network began operating focus media everything already last year, through the depth of content editing magazine operations, the main income from advertising brand merchants. In addition, the mushroom street is due to more through the media of advertisement income, this also is becoming the the most significance of earnings section into earnings.