Business owners in the eyes of fresh goods 】 【 weibo commercial advertising the trial’s note – weibo fans

note: this article is to try weibo commercial product fans of the trial’s note, describes in detail the product trial process, and to experience. Fresh goods, for readers care about sina weibo commercial, can seriously and have a look.

it is understood that sina weibo first traffic advertising via “fans” has been officially launched, the authors have made a small mice, experienced a legendary via “fans”, this article mainly from the perspective of the user to analyze fans through this new form of products, to test whether under such as sina official description “in effect, the information flow ads than weibo display on the right side of the kind of effect is enhanced about 10 times”.

weibo fans sense is what?

often manage their corporate officer friends notice, enterprise microblogging backstage management function much more of a home page: “self-service advertising management”, the entrance to see below:

the following excerpt from sina official to fans through the interpretation of the product:

weibo via “fans” :

weibo via “fans”, which is based on weibo mass of users, the enterprise information widely transmitted to potential fans fans and marketing products.

it will be based on user attributes and social relations precisely on the information to the target population, at the same time, weibo via “fans” also with ordinary weibo fully functional, such as forwarding, reviews, collection, etc.

weibo fans will appear in what position?

weibo via “fans” will appear at the top of the microblog information or information flow near the top of the position.

weibo precision advertising engine will according to the degree of social relations, relevance, hot conditions, to determine the weibo via “fans” show different location.

open weibo fans service need what conditions?

you need to register twitter account, and through the microblogging certification.

medicine & amp; Medical class customer cannot open fan service at present.

weibo fans is how to charge?

customer can choose bid way according to the enterprise marketing goal:

CPM: carried out in accordance with the exposure in weibo user information flow in the billing;


CPE: according to the weibo user information flow of effective interactive billing (interaction including: forwarding, click the link, add attention, collection and praise) for billing.

the customer can set up the daily delivery costs to ensure control budget, bid cannot be lower than the system started.

weibo fans of one of the price?

dial the hotline telephone counseling to sina, via “fans” belong to small and medium-sized enterprise system products, mainly by sina weibo agent authorization certification for sale in all over the world, and sina’s definition of the lowest 3500 yuan deposit is $3500 + (sold separately) and 7000 yuan (small package), and according to the different specifications advertising planning and optimization of the service fee, and agents around the quotation system based on the standard package to adjust itself.

“fans through + open treasure” internal qualification test?

I contact to the agent in Shanghai Shanghai rushed (@ Shanghai rushed), the staff told us that sina weibo is on local service-oriented businesses “fans through + to store treasure” small package testing work, the company is a typical O2O type) (car rental business, after repeated data audit and Shanghai urgent staff for (thanks to director of Shanghai urgent customer here: Zhang Yangming 13795426067 actively cooperate with, it is reported the test end, right now), the successful application to the test, to carefully study sina weibo this new product.

weibo fans on the price of another, CPM or CPE?

the following is the screenshot of the AD background:

from the floor, CPM 5 yuan price relative to the portal or * treasure hard wide much cheaper, the characteristics of the flow of information and advertising is “content is advertising”, weibo users are forced to watch, the effect may be much better.

but CPE model seems to be reliable, you can pay by the result of interaction, minimum 5 MAO an interactive feel very manageable.

fans of bidding, the competition is not only the price?

responsible for sina weibo business director of Shanghai urgent customer Zhang Yangming told me “fans advertising properties belong to the exclusive advertising, that is, a user refreshes the weibo will only appear after an AD, no similar to baidu’s ranking mechanism”, it means that for certain people will have more than one enterprise competitive advertising display opportunities, this involves competition, Shanghai rushed Zhang Yangming explanation is:

“fans bidding depends not only on price, a larger proportion depends on the advertising of weibo interaction rate, in other words, if the advertising originality is not good enough not to attract more users interaction, have to raise prices to improve the display. So, professional service team is essential, the most direct is able to save a lot of unnecessary advertising “

the author actually drop down, the result also is such, see the screenshot below, write weibo advertising is very important, and the pattern of CPE will not necessarily have a better exposure and clicks.

the directional condition

advertising effectiveness compared to

a tweet before is a professional team, using CPM pattern, interaction rate of 0.62%, a tweet relative effect after have sent a lot of, only 0.10% of the interactive rates, and less exposure number very much.

advertising effect how?

the author generalized the fans passed a recent offline public class, before you read on the Internet a lot of negative reviews the situation does not appear, may be with sina to optimize the user experience, also is likely to be rushed in Shanghai staff properly optimized, the whole promotion lasted a week, the overall effect is good, but it is not as sina as “says in effect, the information flow ads than on the right side of the weibo display advertising effectiveness lift about 10 times”, to be honest, the price of display ads on the right side of the high that have no chance to experience the author, but from the perspective of the comparison of fans through promotion and baidu promotion, a single registration cost is only about half the baidu promotion, and the time is only half, apart from the actual application, the hundreds of high quality of fans and a few hundred forward interactive real unexpected harvest.

the whole trial, exclude weibo user experience problems, fan advertisement through the product or a high cost performance products, but I also worry that with the progress of the sina commercialization, more and more enterprise users after using this product, price competition will rise sharply, improve the quality of advertising, precise analysis, data mining is sina will do their homework. If you want to retain users, reduce the hard is the only way out.

thank you again for the Shanghai responsible for weibo business promotion rushed account director Zhang Yangming (13795426067), actively cooperate with and excellent services, while in the process of this experience because of the company qualification, advertising material, a few appeared on the audit process every time stuck situation (mainly sina official during the test in view of the service has not keep up with the small and medium-sized enterprises, to the agent to do work more, on the other hand it can be seen that sina official is passed on to the agents and service providers in the service more), but in the end the advertising effect is satisfactory.

the final summary 【 start later, the new platform of small and medium-sized sellers to 】

for the small and medium-sized business owners, especially for taobao shop owner, fan is a new platform. Three crown ladies sellers, the sellers magazine editor mosquito m wu said: “the tao within to promote such as train, drill exhibition, the first coke advertising resources are limited, in short supply. At the same time, like taobao first focus the price of 80000 yuan a day, let small and medium-sized sellers can only dream that is “, so even in WeChat already points to part of the market under the premise of sina weibo also has a large number of available space.