Bully: patent mad apple gritted samsung but dare not face to face with Google

patent battle between apple and samsung are still going on. Apple recently claimed that samsung the Galaxy S4 the built-in Google Now violated Siri the patent.

comically, Google Now is to provide the features of Google, not only in the the Galaxy S4 is there, but in all carry Jelly Bean ( android 4.1 , 4.2 ) is present in the cell phone (except, of course, China’s trading gimped). Apple was watching Google Now not pleasing to the eye, discretion has a head, debt have a Lord, go to Google!

no, apple is chasing the samsung and only against samsung customised version of the the Galaxy S4 . Samsung and Google jointly launched “godson” – with a pure Google experience the Galaxy S4 special edition also neglected by apple to intentionally or unintentionally.

and Google Now also a lift Google search applications appear in the ios platform, apple didn’t put it off the shelves.

in addition to accuse Google Now violations Siri two patents, apple sued samsung the Galaxy S4 infringement of patents and the following three:

Asynchronous data synchronization between the United States patent number 7761414 equipment technologyU.S. patent no. 5666502 document graphical user interface using the history listThe United States patent number 5946647 institutions and of the computational data calculation method

patent war background: in the first quarter of this year apple the iPhone 5 weak sales growth is slow. Samsung the Galaxy S4 post a month, sold ten million units, became the most popular mobile phone market at present.

really can help apple to win back our market, is not a patent wars, only good products.