Britain wearing Google glasses when driving is prohibited

as a wearable device that attracts the most attention GoogleGlass driving potential safety hazard, became the national government departments concern increasingly.

today, foreign technology electronic Stuff magazine reported, the transportation department is whether to ban people wearing GoogleGlass problems in the process of driving, is discussed. In addition, in order to avoid potential accidents, the British government has been Google related products before log in Britain (2014), the corresponding preventive measures.

a British transport ministry spokesman said: “we have and police launched a cooperation to ensure that drivers don’t wear GoogleGlass during driving. In the process of driving, the driver should keep keep your attention. And GoogleGlass is likely to make the driver, because the roadside scenery or answer the call and cause the happening of the accident. In recent years, with the traffic accident rates rising, the government decided to, those who should be in the future mobile intelligent device behavior caused by accident, will be punished by the law. “

in fact, the British government will join the “blacklist” driving behavior, GoogleGlass is for maintenance of traffic safety. And the British launched by the ministry of transportation, the prohibition of using mobile phones in the process of driving rules, is in line. Since 2003 since the implementation of the regulations, there have been 1 million driver due to the use of mobile phones in the process of driving were punished.

however, the British government ban on GoogleGlass did not get the understanding of all people. On the one hand, this means that GoogleGlass of many functions, such as eye movement navigation function, may not be able to fully enjoy by the driver; On the other hand, the ban also let other similar equipment developers, faces the dilemma situation. According to the traffic rules, every supplement GoogleGlass driver during driving, it will have 60 pounds, 3 points of punishment (and the use of mobile phone penalty scheme).

although the British government departments didn’t indicate the specific legal basis, the ban on GoogleGlass think wearing GoogleGlass driving process, but the ministry of communications and the 1988 Road Traffic laws (1988 Road Traffic Act).

for the British government “ban”, a Google spokesman made the following response:


for a long time, we are all designed to keep the extremely prudent attitude towards GoogleGlass, because Google knows that every new technology should be one way or the other problems. Recently, however, we have set up the Glass Explorer program in the United States. Google will invite people from all walks of life to participate in the experience of new products and new technology, so that to continuously improve.