Brian: readers contribute 】 【 adopted son of embarrassment

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spluttered, an impressive good products, not only because this is not a simple Copy to China .

applauded first open, recommend to my hot is a photo of the two girls play together, master with voice expressed girlfriends to go abroad, said tearfully. At that time, I was shocked, in addition to the infected, can also understand the original spluttered so to play, the impact of the visual and auditory, the appeal can be so big.


directly using weibo account login, obtain the relationship between the microblogging users, give up her own account system, to make the others adopted son. Recorded using micro boden, reduced the user applauded for the first time to use because of the need to register account and give up trying to experience obstacles, on the other hand making after the user login, can quickly find friends, into the product.

there is a period of time, applauded the sense that gives a person is really a fire. Applauded for login will be automatically released after a tweet, applauded the user content, “like” photos are automatically released a tweet. Viral technique adopted son through weibo force fire up, in fact, as early as in the 2011 in sina weibo launched voice weibo, but it was by phone, but for various reasons not to promote. May be bursting with sina and tencent reached a tacit understanding, is probably making even shed off their account system, and then hold the cause of the public’s anger. All in all, two weibo yet launch similar pronunciation class application, were to have a flawed in weibo.


there is no access to renren, and never will. Everyone applauded launched his class application “bam bam”, at the same time joined the phonetic element in renren. And then what? Then, renren voice photo albums are the students playing popular, spoof song, revenge show… Onlookers applauded far beyond.

as a mobile application, with the voice photos snapped after fame, I very want to see it as a micro letter rapid iteration, roll out attractive function behind rivals. Jack xu in zhihu question “how to build the moat?” Then we see Brian started do the community’s way. Invite stars, talent, and even I began to see thousands of accounts and the contents of advertisements appear, trance signs for allowing me to see the diandian’s shadow. I think it must be even diandian resurrection on the mobile end. Perhaps do content is jack xu team good at, but move from computer to mobile phone, a window alone may seem a bit too thin. Five months were released so far, we don’t see other important functional innovation and iteration.

“team for mobile app field has brought a fresh wind, so far so good. how far to go? We don’t care about this thing. We just want to be a product, careful to do well in this product, “jack xu although say so, but want to go further cannot leave every bits of bit.

more terrible, applauded weibo can not do such application, but weibo has supported pictures, music, video, do voice weibo is so natural. Applauded speech weibo launch day is the adopted son of embarrassing died that day.