Breakthrough? Stunt? Samsung launched “real” eight core processor

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the company announced today is launching a “real” eight core processor.

it is understood that this “or” Samsung Exynos 5 Octa “processor, in the form of structure, and Exynos 5, using four A15 and A7 of the chip. However, with the Exynos 5, the samsung will like qualcomm processor through the use of same frequency asynchronous processing technology, make eight nuclear work at the same time.

A15 to the processing of large tasks, the A7 responsible for processing tasks, low energy consumption and in the process of different task switching, the eight nuclear don’t have to switch back and forth, can run at the same time.

as early as in July, mediatek eight core processor is used to launch its first true – MT6592 . However, the processor USES is a A7 the processor, in spite of running at the same time, but after all, is limited to A7 itself.

if samsung can really realize the “real” eight nuclear processing technology, it will be in 3 d game, multi-function running at the same time and switch, and web page loading speed bring unprecedented experience for the user. I hope this is not a gimmick.

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