“Break through” on the Internet, are you afraid of?

the Internet gives people’s life convenience, is constantly exposed to the user’s information, may be a social networking site, may be the search engine, or other. The Internet is not only a “paradise lost” is open, it is also the product of a “break through”, this is a literacy, is suitable for most of the small white user, it will tell you where is the easiest way to find the information you exposed.

the author thinks that: the Internet is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, on the other hand destroyed the user through the appearance, personal information, the heart. Appearance including his portrait, wear, etc., personal information including your own personal experience and the existing living conditions, etc., and heart, may be you of the past, perhaps you now psychological activity, containing all of your mental activity.

“break through” source: self +

the spread of Internet information, thanks to the user in the process of using the Internet to upload their own things, including text, video, music, etc., and these constitute the content of the Internet is rich and colorful. Users in the process of the initiative to upload information, but also teach yourself a lot of information, it is possible that three years ago to a girlfriend write love letter, also may be yourself shot some pictures, and these actions, all is the behavior of users active. As the Internet 2.0 the rise of a group called UGC noun appears, namely the user-generated content, such as wikipedia, blogger , ask and other products, all from the UGC , they are one of the most successful UGC model of one of the products.

in the era of information explosion, the cloud is the best witness Internet information explosion. In the beginning is Rayfile, rice dish, such as capacity in 50 MB or so, mainly pictures, documents, and PDF documents, music, etc., almost can’t use a little bit big. To the later 115 , fireflies, hundreds of MB network location of the products, can upload a common video, again want to have to pay a bit bigger. Slowly into the GB time, that is, baidu cloud, 360 cloud plate, there are several GB capacity, and even pay can reach hundreds of GB capacity. It is TB time, baidu cloud recently, jinshan fast plate, 360 cloud disk, tencent micro cloud several network backup products began to play space war, the author in the context of ““, as mentioned 360 with space war in baidu in the world and it died. From MB – GB – TB, users need to store the amount of information is more and more big, so the information tool for storage of demand also will be more and more big.

of course some of this information is also a passive exposure, such as their friends, media related products, such as the exposure of the news on the Internet, electronic magazines, etc, but for most small white users, be friends exposure is not much, and want to be news blackout, is difficult to achieve this level.

“break through” the three SINS of

the source of Internet information exposure is self + , then allow yourself to “break through” place and where is it? Please look under the “break through” the three SINS of products:

(1) social network. In “the social network” movie, facebook the development of the viral, you can see that the user for the pressing needs of the social products, humanism is a gregarious animal, also to bear loneliness, social network provides a very good communication platform. Such as , blogger , weibo, twitter, they are a social network products, but it also provides a variety of rich information, it satisfies the social psychology of boys and girls, also let the boys and girls “through” exposed.

( 2 ) media products. Such as news sites, electronic magazine, and wikipedia and other products, they are the content of the one-way output, directly to the information, the user is uploaded, the user’s information was exposed out, such as a user in a competition awards, the user’s “through” has been exposed.

( 3 ) search engine. I always thought that the search engine is a “thief”, though so the analogy is not appropriate, because it is a search engine make the Internet more open, and it promotes the rapid development of the Internet. But inside the destroyed through three SINS, without it, the working principle of search engine: crawling to grab storage, pretreatment and ranking. Users see, in the search engine’s results are good content, search engines have storage even if this information is no longer exist, if search engine database is not updated, be delete the contents of the former through snapshots or can see.

Google increased in Google users individual account called “ Me On the Web “(I) online tools. Google claims that “ Me On the Web “aims to” help users to understand and manage others can see you when using Google search.” , that is, management of user’s own personal information in Google search. Google company, points out that this tool will make it easier for people to monitor their own online identity, but also convenient for the user to take the next step for the protection of personal identity. The European court also said that Google has no obligation to delete the personal information in the search results, so even if destroyed through search engine, has nothing to do with it.

Internet records the user’s appearance, inner, personal information, it is also open to release the information, so if the user needs to find some information and data, can completely through “three SINS” products, weibo, search engines, space, etc.

attached: search engines commonly used instructions

intitle command:

intitle is the meaning of search keywords contained in the page title, for example, to search the title contains “ it “content, search intitle: it , can search to the page title contains it keywords page.


is the meaning of search keywords in the page, for example, to search the title contains “ baidu “content, search