Bosses make fun of science and technology: a year down hard enough to buy suites

“true TMD don’t understand China’s economy, the za in industry is a sunrise industry, our company is a strong profitability in the industry, and in this way, he calculation, a year down profits, not enough to buy a few decent housing in the city. Think of ’04, on house prices less than 8000, prices are now 450 thousand, is six times higher, 04 years my company high wages in QiBaQian also I sixteen thousand, according to the proportion, ten years hard, living standard is not as good as the original.”

the poking fun at weibo from stone wu gang, chief executive of interaction. As the microblogging, wu gang company in a leading position in the mobile gaming industry, but this is the “best” companies are still “standard of living than at the beginning.”

wu gang in the subsequent hinted that the company’s profits by the government.

“employees to scold, he said that nothing but we have to understand, we who have been washed! Who took our striving money doesn’t even put a P! Twice we changed the pattern of regulation. Is not our indolence, greed is our money.”

“entrepreneurs to take a look at my side, some results are going to sell the company, take cash and then immigration. Not have no confidence in themselves and enterprises, is the environment no confidence, no sense of security. If emerging outstanding enterprises, in this way, employees can have what good way? To know us these private enterprises to solve the national 91.8% population employment, not solve the private business owners mentality, how to solve the employees, is more about solving national mentality?”

wu gang’s speech drew technology industry bosses, causing heated debate.

@ ran wang: don’t pull so many business model, China’s reform and opening up 30 years only two business models is fully demonstrated: one is the real estate, the other one is using power trading.

@ warp/weft zhang ying: IT and investment industry many elite are confident in their future income growth will be far more than 3 business first-tier cities such as house price growth, but from the point of the past ten years, only a few people do IT.

@ Li Wanbing: think before the German high taxes, 30% of the welfare state. Now look at our highest.

@ zhu zixing: not your earning power decreases, but the official rob money ability have been improved, we don’t have to beat the market. A recent Internet bosses said to strengthen sex Wolf, presumably also regrets in this. But it is no use, even if really became a Wolf, is not on the upper deck of the food chain.

@ fall winds: do you regret not alone! Entrepreneurial employees 30 five years! And peers than result fair, and at the same time, than a period of real estate friend regret!

@ art Lao wang zhi: that’s why no one wants to do now industrial, went to the property, rather than living a year down to earn a few money, return not equal to haul around a few houses. China’s economic deficiency fire is too heavy, not medicine.

@ jun tai Zhou Wenfeng east: I don’t think the ruling class can let the slave class turn, you have the money to shout democracy every day, so that influenced the stability of the regime, the best thing to do is to push prices to $100000 a foot as soon as possible.

@ rui feng _ acme online: depreciation of the RMB naked ah, how to do business overseas. Earn a dollar.

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