Boom-bust? Samsung how to continue to “nuggets”?

last Friday, a report from Reuters, let already “scary” investors more bearish on samsung and its flagship model Galaxy S4 market prospect. On the same day, samsung’s share price fell 3%. The following quotes from the Reuters:


although is enough “cautious” humility, but Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Samsung Electronics Co Ltd) or does not meet the previous quarter. This undoubtedly deepens to samsung smartphone has reached a “tipping point” market concerns. With the influx, new competitors once flagship version of the best-selling model Galaxy series, also had to face the market share gradually eroded.

recently for a period of time, the consumer electronics companies, especially on smartphones as a major means of revenue of the company, while keep the profit growth trend, but different degree of the stock price volatility. Apple last year, the year round to samsung. Though has a $8 billion profit for the year, samsung 70% of its revenue comes from its mobile devices. Thus, the investor concerns is not without reason.

hardware of mobile devices have been rendered “quicksand” development status of

actually, apple and samsung realized volatility in the stock market, not all blame for investors “impetuous fickle”. All tastes of consumers, constantly emerging rivals in emerging markets, and they are the main low-end smartphones under $100 marketing strategies (such as nokia and zte), to some degree, were divvied up the mobile phone market.

and with the advent of the era of mobile app, content (application) has become a users are most concerned about things. Hardware of mobile devices is like quicksand, although there are subtle differences, but all in the rapid change of flow. The original mobile phone equipment maker “raw material” can not be as a potent weapon in market competition to win. As larry page at Google I/O conference puts it, the smart phone hardware differences, is no longer dominate the market “apparently”. This is why apple, samsung, spare no effort to continuously introduce new iOS system introduced customized applications.

application: find out in the sand “gold”

obviously, samsung in the smartphone market, has already reached a “tipping point”. Once the technical innovation and first-class marketing plan cannot bring it again to rapidly growing number of consumers.

so, samsung will be able to in the fierce competition in the mobile devices in the market, continue to “gold”? The answer is very simple, that is to stop selling “sand”. As hardware rendering is low, the development trend of commercialization, mobile software – application becomes especially important. Note that I said soft is not like iOS and Android operating systems.

in the era of “content (application) as the” king, who can grasp the application of the mineral deposits, who can get a steady stream of income. Although apple has been under their closed production sales strategy, but the application developers to provide the most generous profit sharing. Samsung seemed to realize this, cooperate with Dropbox, set up the application and development institutions in New York and California.

a built on “dune” “castle”, will eventually abandoned by investors, become a “mirage” illusory. If samsung can it Touch Wiz interface simplify some, perhaps these efforts can really get it smoothly through now unrest.