Bloomberg: HTC of amazon’s mobile phone is only for members to buy

, according to bloomberg media recently reported HTC with Amazon joint manufacturing of mobile phones, annual fee will apply only to the Amazon members provide purchasing service (Amazon Prime).

the report pointed out that HTC with amazon began as early as June to discuss the above matters. However, bloomberg still maintain a cautious attitude in the article, and points out that the final decision remains to be seen.

yesterday, the financial times revealed that amazon will joint products of HTC smartphone. Earlier, before the Wall Street journal reporter said amazon mobile phone will be free policy. But soon after, the official amazon has officially responded that amazon will not launch free phone, also won’t launch mobile in this year.

in view of the amazon has launched mobile intelligent device, such as the Kindle Fire is to adopt similar to the Nexus of “customization” equipment strategy, the strange news. The reason is very simple, amazon and OEM hardware is not to rob market, but in order to promote their services like Google. Why only launch a paying members could only have cell phone? Analysts, however, believe that will be Prime of streaming media services and mobile phone together extremely reasonable. Exactly how, can only wait.

however, tales of HTC cooperation with amazon launched mobile phone seems to be a person of truth. First, constantly expand the scale of the Android mobile phones and let Google service is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, thus launched smartphones for amazon motivation fully; Secondly, in view of the problem such as technology and patent, amazon requires a powerful hardware partners, to help it launch a mobile phone.

but HTC is a good partner, it’s really difficult. With Facebook, HTC has launched the custom Facebook Home HTC’s First mobile phone, but poor sales.