Blackberry throw in the towel, seeking to save or sold

the blackberry, a once lead before the smartphone industry giants, in the depths of the Android , iOS , Windows Phone . Experienced a glorious, experienced a decline, had put all your eggs in one basket to Renaissance… However, “we tried, but effective nothing”. Last night, it is surrendered.

, announced the formation of including Haynes, the special committee of the board, in order to save the company to explore more ways: including joint ventures, looking for strategic partners / union and… Sell the company.

this is equivalent to a declaration of surrender, the blackberry admitted cannot rely on own efforts to revive the, it is looking forward to a messianic partners to save it… Or buy it.

however, such a buyer or partner in where? The blackberry don’t know, so to set up a committee to look for…

According to

, 2009 years of blackberry smartphone shipments all over the world 19.4% , become second only to nokia, the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturers (samsung was only 3.3% share).

the latest IDC statistics show that the blackberry account for only 2013 in the second quarter of the global smartphone shipments 2.9% , have already become a smart phone system for a tiny role in the field.

the blackberry missed again and again over the years the change of opportunities. It in the change of the market reaction speed slow, to the outside world constantly untimely, until no refund of like red-eyed gamblers bet all the pressure in the New system Blackberry 10 .

cloud hunting has always been closely BB10 market performance and blackberry struggle:

2013 , 1 on 30 , , desperate gamble.


the Haynes brave still echoes in: .

however, the New system in the face of lack of both user and application, two flagship Z10 , Q10 top prices.

through a series of the show, and two prediction: hines almost absurd “”,” “, some observers have from blackberry slash Z10 contract price and the to smell the smell of the unknown.

in the end, a new quarter as well as the survey will show naked in front of the world.

cloud hunting in the report with a slightly malicious metaphor to comment on the present situation of the blackberry:

one day, Microsoft and blackberry chased by the tiger in the forest ( Android & amp; IOS) . Blackberry is ready to run, but only to find that one side of Microsoft in tie his shoes. Blackberry said anxiously shouted: “what are you doing also, ran, the tiger catch up.” Slowly lace up your shoes, but Microsoft for blackberry said with a smile: “anyway run, however, as long as I became more quickly than you.”

now, the tiger is on the blackberry.