Blackberry into a buyer’s market, it may break up for sale

the blackberry demand buyer time already has a month, however, for the ailing company, bosses buying power is obvious. For only a few potential buyers, they focused on the blackberry of some profitable divisions of the company, and don’t want to swallow the fishbone.

recently, according to Reuters, most of the buyers of the blackberry and operating system and the related patent interested in keyboard, but they are not willing to buy the entire company blackberry. For the blackberry now, it seems to be in a buyer’s market. The bottom of the market share (and no rebound trend), continuous loss let it lost its bargaining power. Analysts believe that in order to sell their as soon as possible, the blackberry split the possibility of more.

after the Wall Street journal reported that the blackberry to 11 month to complete the sale. Although in the smartphone market has basically no apple and Android position, but the blackberry in some emerging markets share remains strong. It is understood that the current valuation of the blackberry company is a $.

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