Blackberry application acknowledge that this platform has a lot of rubbish, but argues that “believe that the market and users can solve itself”

, the BlackBerry existing 120000 app in the World, including a third of the applications are from the same developer, S4BB. Not only that, these applications on the one hand, the content is similar, for example, a novel audio, a city travel brochure is a separate application, it is easy to brush out tens of thousands of applications. On the other hand the quality also is very poor, such as “double coin”, sound, combination lock accounted for a large part of this application. It is hard to imagine why the blackberry no censorship, let a company published so many applications (or blackberry doesn’t care about).

the following is a response to the incident: the blackberry company

in different platforms, every developer realized a variety of ways. As an open platform, BlackBerry World have long believed that market forces will prove which way you will be successful, which way will be doomed to fail. However, due to the increasingly crowded platform, we will continue to collaborate with developers, help to promote more and better applications and games.

although the blackberry official response was vague, but we still can see some clues. First of all, the blackberry admitted his actually knew from the start S4BB application development of this kind of “dumping” behavior, only the blackberry argue that this is a kind of “liquidation strategy”. Second, the blackberry the so-called “market power” is actually said, consumers can identify by oneself, choose not to pay to download the application of poor quality. Finally, the blackberry’s attitude is very clear, as an open platform, they are not what measures to this kind of behavior. On the contrary, it’s just repeated will help promote the application of high quality.

however, for a loser, blackberry and what can be done about it? IOS and Android platform, has both broke the million mark, and even has long been criticised the lack of application of the WP, also with the 160000 app. For only 120000 applications of BlackBerry World, even though it knows S4BB such application developers to provide it with a lot of “junk”, but it is a “very reluctantly give up what one favours”. Because if the batch application of such producers, less BlackBerry World will become a more straitened platform.

this kind of practice will lead to more and more homogeneity, the emergence of the mass of application. Which compares the application of garbage, will eventually make it lose once loyal blackberry users. As we used to say, for a platform, the number of applications is far less important than quality. BlackBerry 10 sets, Netflix, Hulu, Vine, HBO Go, WatchESPN application, in other words, the highest utilization rate, the application of many popular didn’t provide the user with the BlackBerry. Blind pursuit of quantity meet, actually have sacrificed at the core of the user experience.

actually, any system platform, the initial application and developers will face a lack of challenge. WP in shortly after, also be revealed the presence of large amounts of low-quality, homogeneous applications. However, after that, Microsoft announced that every developer maximum upload 10 app. In addition, Microsoft said it would remove the “batch” development of application. Obviously, Microsoft do not let it have more applications in the short term, there is no guarantee that make his application platform becomes more attractive. But one thing is for sure, Microsoft’s approach to ensure the good user experience, let them from the application of low-quality harassment.

last year, the BlackBerry promised, each for BlackBerry developers World developed an application, and through the audit, then will get at least $10000 in compensation. Not only that, the developers to upload the blackberry platform, also do not need to pay any fees. Perhaps, the blackberry is for their own platform to attract more applications, but gave up on the quality of the user experience and application value.

for blackberry in hot water, the above statement is purely a pro. However, the old saying goes, people who loss, the loss of the world. Sacrifice of users, is to make yourself fall through the abyss.